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Patch Notes 0.2.0 - Summer Update


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  • IllFonic

New Items

  • Stand Alone Battle Mode Machine
    • Players can now enter a PvP only mode via the Battle Mode Machine in Gilly’s Arcade.
    • Players will compete in a set number of consecutive PvP Arenas which accrue points to the end to declare a single winner.
  • Royale - The Leader of the FTW Gang is now hanging at Gilly’s Arcade. 
    • Royale offers a new set of challenges and cosmetic unlocks centered around the new Battle Mode Machine.
    • She also offers the new Gauntlet Ability, Doom Ball.
  • New Surge Gauntlet Ability - Doom Ball
    • The Doom Ball surge gauntlet ability allows the player to fire off Doom Balls for a short amount of time. The balls are fired in an arc and bounce off what they hit, doing large amounts of damage and knockback to each enemy they come into contact with.
    • The ability is timed and can be fired repeatedly until the timer expires. The player cannot weapon swap while it's active and will automatically swap to the last equipped weapon once the timer expires.
  • Emotes
    • Players can now equip and use emotes in game to taunt AI but also taunt your friends in PvP.
    • Players can place 4 emotes in their emote loadout to use in game. 6 are unlocked by default and an additional 7 can be found to purchase in the vendor.
  • 2 New Weapons
    • Party Favor
      • The Party Favor overcharges an allies shield, while also granting a damage output buff. It fires a steady stream of projectiles that home to the nearest friendly target, building up their shield to a larger overcharge cap over time and granting a large damage output boost as long as they are under its influence.
      • The Party Favor is considered a Special Weapon and cannot be refilled with ammo.
    • Scotsman
      • The Scotsman fires proximity triggered mines that stick to the environment and detonate once an enemy is within close range.
      • Certain objectives and destructibles will auto trigger the detonation.
  • 9 New Adventure Mode Tiles
    • 3 for Each of the Existing Biomes Nerve Center, Mystic Isles, and Aftermath.
  • 5 New PvP Arenas
    • 2 New Block Breakers Arenas
    • 1 New Pandemonium Arena
    • 1 New Team deathmatch Arena
    • 1 New Free for All Arena
  • 20 New Cosmetics
    • All available in the Vendor with tints unlocking after getting the base item.
  • 2 New Outfits Available in the Vendor
  • Cosmetic Previews in the Vendor
    • You can now see a representation of the item you are buying before purchasing.
  • Controls
    • Keyboard and Mouse Input Customization
      • Customize your key binds on Keyboard and Mouse.
        • Bindings for Controllers are still being worked on.
    • Separated out ADS sensitivity from normal sensitivity
  • Stop, Drop and Roll
    • Players that are ignited are now able to roll to extinguish themselves

Fixes and Optimizations

  • Biomes
    • General
      • Continued fixes and improvements to tiles for gameplay and performance.
      • The timer to enter a boss fight has been changed to now consistently take 10 seconds for every biome.
      • Fixed a number of areas that AI could get stuck and not jump up or down towards the players.
      • Fixed a number of areas the players could get stuck in Gilly’s and in Adventure Mode.
    • Nerve Center
      • Destructible Blocks no longer respawn on the End Tile with the Glitch Core objective.
  • Tutorial
    • Fixed an issue where if the player picks up the Hack from the chest prior to the text prompt the tutorial could break.
  • Battle Modes
    • Fixed an issue where players could respawn without cosmetics after Tile Drop.
  • Players
    • Fixed an issue where jumping during high latency situations would cause the player to excessively rubberband.
    • The downed timer has been been reduced to 30 seconds from 50 seconds
  • Adventure Mode
    • Player inventories will now be saved to the moment when they die rather than resetting to what was present at the last checkpoint.
    • The run timer is now paused when airlocked in the Vendor Tile.
    • Fixed an issue where the Boss Meter would appear as filled for the Host of a match when initially jumping to a new stage.
    • FunFunCo will stop injecting enemies into the simulation if players remain on the same tile for an extended period of time.
    • FunFunCo has also adjusted where in the simulation certain enemies will appear
      • Minigun and Flamethrower Defense Drones show up at earlier difficulties.
      • BDE9000 Elite Trooper shows up at earlier difficulties.
      • Heavy Drone Troopers show up at later difficulties.
  • Weapons
    • Fixed an issue with a number of weapons where the projectiles would pass through enemies at close range.
  • Surge Gauntlet Abilities
    • Orbital Strike
      • Now hits everything in the radius rather than doing Line of Sight traces, which can sometimes be blocked by enemies, destructibles, and the environment.
  • Bosses
    • General
      • Bosses now get status effect damage at a lesser rate than normal AI.
    • Mech Boss
      • Adjusted firing behavior based on the player breaking line of sight with the boss.
      • The boss now awards Surge Energy at certain health thresholds.
  • Challenges
    • General
      • Matching Gang Icons now appear on your Challenge Tracker in Gilly’s so you know which Gang Leader to go to.
  • In Game HUD
    • Weapons now have a Weapon Type Icon associated with them
    • Fixed an issue where if you died by suicide it would show “KillerName” in the kill feed instead of your name.
  • Cosmetics
    • BDE-9000
      • Fixed the Red Tint to actually be Red.
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Love the updates content a lot. But…while playing yesterday and today, I noticed a lot of issues, likes bugs and all. Here is a list if y’all care to read and hopefully fix:

1. Abilities have a delay. (When I cast a gauntlet ability, there is now a 1 second delay, which could mean life or death.) I have other friends to confirm this so it’s no network issue for me.

2. Bugs bugs bugs, which is to be expected but there’s more this time around. Screens becoming too dark to see and the UI disappearing, beating a boss battle and then the game instantly telling me there’s another boss battle ready. 


3. at the customization vending machine station, there is a “New” indicator under the gauntlet category. Doesn’t matter if you’ve already equipped the Doom fist ability, it will continue to tell you there’s something new. 

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