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  1. Hello, do you plan to make a battle royal mode, team deathmatch, domination, etc? and if there would be people in the reception lobby, where gilly is, with people online would be wonderful! we feel a little alone on the game, difficulty in finding people online, we always revolve around the same mode .., the machine is not enough, what would be great would be to have a mode to choose from, like battle royal, team deathmatch etc, 4vs4 or 6vs6 combat modes, more competitive online modes, your game has a lot of potential! thank you for your work ! hoping one day to see this kind of game mode which could be great to play on your game because your game has a pleasant dynamism to play! speed, fluidity, which makes you want to make the game more competitive <3 ps: Love your game <3 Thanks for your work !
  2. New cheaters are present and can you add daily quests / challenges for tickets or please customize and what are the account levels for exactly?
  3. Would it be possible to have the games at 120 fps, having the playstation 5 and we can enjoy more frame rate?
  4. Yes , hat , accessories and head separate please for more customisable please
  5. add hidden objects in the biomes to find to unlock cosmetics or others, collectable in different parts (example: 10 to find, 3 per stage or 10 per game but with progression, if you find 6 objects you keep the 6 found objects , if you die , next game you you continue with 6 object )
  6. hello everyone, after a lot of hours of games, the game is excellent and full of potential, I'm already addicted to it, I finished all the quests with a friend, indeed his lack of life in the arcade (a pvp world would be amazing with could interact on the different arcade machines that could challenge each other on very basic mini) with emotes to communicate and unlock in challenges or others in-game challenges for extra xp / skill boost / tickets / cosmetics / emote different daily challenges for cosmetics or other rewards to keep the game in a rhythm because we may get bored due to some repetitive things, I also agree on being able to pass the end of the internship, also add personal customizations on the weapons, be able to add large capacity magazines, laser, sight in addition to cosmetics in order to vary the personality and manner of playing of each one be able to complete the challenges after the end of the game, because doing the whole mission takes a lot of time all at once (1 hour 30 minutes minimum for some missions) Add a random Cosmetic Mode IN ORDER to vary its automatic without having to Different Cosmetic products at each end changed from part of Profit to the maximum IN ORDER of its cosmetic some enemy type bugs that go into the wall and unkillable also happen every now and then and do not reset game progress, different people agree that its would demotivate a lot of players to restart games, we PAID to be able to play in advance as well and we have an equally significant cost of playing time in the game. privacy, losing so many hours of play would be dramatic for some players and would divide part of the community Love this game and wait your progress ❤️ sorry for this traduction , I m french 👀 ps : add language french please 🙏
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