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  1. Keybinds! Keybinds! Keybinds! Thanks!!
  2. No key binds. The wait continues.
  3. Yea, I've had an "Oops, this pistol is really a shotgun" moment or two. Other issues I have... When I play solo, if I hit esc/start to go to settings to tweak something, the game doesn't pause. I understand you can't pause an MP game (duh) but as stated I'm alone. Shotguns are terribly weak. I compared up-close shotgun blasts and the default-spawn endless pistol, and the pistol outdoes every shotgun I tried, and this is like at less than 10 feet, where a shotgun should really shine.
  4. Can we get some idea when keybinds will be added. I understand it's early access, but there are less polished games out there that do have it. If you're a controller user for games like this, no disrespect, but I just use them for games that feel more lie a PS1 or earlier type thing, top down shooters, zelda-likes, turn based rpgs, and using analog to aim feels off.
  5. I wish I knew this before purchasing. Now I have to choose between awkward controller use or left hand pain while playing. You'd think making the game as usable by as many people as possible would be more important.
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