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  1. Love the updates content a lot. But…while playing yesterday and today, I noticed a lot of issues, likes bugs and all. Here is a list if y’all care to read and hopefully fix: 1. Abilities have a delay. (When I cast a gauntlet ability, there is now a 1 second delay, which could mean life or death.) I have other friends to confirm this so it’s no network issue for me. 2. Bugs bugs bugs, which is to be expected but there’s more this time around. Screens becoming too dark to see and the UI disappearing, beating a boss battle and then the game instantly telling me there’s another boss battle ready. 3. at the customization vending machine station, there is a “New” indicator under the gauntlet category. Doesn’t matter if you’ve already equipped the Doom fist ability, it will continue to tell you there’s something new.
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