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  2. Have a shop that sells clothes cosmetics in the city, make The city a shared space (32player lobby Style with voice chat) the game focuses on repping image, but there's no one to rep to unless you invite them. Have a shop that sells weapons skins and a weekly vendor who sells unique ones. (Gilly's can sell arcade themed cosmetics still, but the shops more stylish wear) Maybe make travel around the city on skateboard/hoverboard/roller blades? Go all in and add a personal space which we can decorate. Which we wake up in when we boot the game. Really give it that 'wake up, meet your friends outside and go to Gilly's arcade' feeling
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  4. Have a shop that sells clothes cosmetics in the city, make The city a shared space (32player lobby Style with voice chat) the game focuses on repping image, but there's no one to rep to unless you invite them. Have a shop that sells weapons skins and a weekly vendor who sells unique ones. (Gilly's can sell arcade themed cosmetics still, but the shops more stylish wear) Maybe make travel around the city on skateboard/hoverboard/roller blades? Go all in and add a personal space which we can decorate. Which we wake up in when we boot the game. Really give it that 'wake up, meet your friends outside and go to Gilly's arcade' feeling
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  6. Game Modes Weekly Random Modifier Runs! Low gravity, only melee, only gray weapons, more hacks (less weapon spawns). No hacks, and more?! Speed runs! A set map rotation with 5 or 10 difficulty's same map layout, objectives, and enemies for everyone first to finish the 5th/10th difficulty to get on a timer leaderboard. No loot only your starter loadout where you regen ammo over time. Would also love this since i do like the movement but in the normal mode I feel it easily gets a bit stale since you don't need to "hurry" just stay alive. Collectables More Collectables! Maybe for placing high on the leaderboard telling you what week, mode, score and placement! (Maybe run time as well). Shiny/Cybernetic Collectables Rarer versions of all collectables. Trading Collectables? Make it so you can earn collectables by your time spent in game. When you get one it will show who earned it and what platform to make it unique to that person. Make it so we can trade or share collectables with each other. So we can collect them all with our friends! And remember who we got them from! Would also be cool to have a Dropped by and Traded from. So you can see who got it the first time and who you got it from down the road. Make each collectable unique with a id, so when a new patch drops everyone is excited to hunt the new #1 collectables! Collectable Stats! Amount of collectables gotten. A log to see missing collectables and how to get them. When you got it for the first time. Maybe a way to see the total amount in existence? Limited/Event Collectables! Only available during a limited time period. (might come back at a later point.) Event tag are for holiday themed collectables that comes back every year during the holidays. Would be nice to get more holiday themed events as the game evolves and adding a new Collectable the first 2 years then maybe every other year too have more variations and the ability to hunt for low id collectables each event. Exclusive Collectables Available during promotions and special events. Will never come back and not obtainable any other way then first stated. Like a anniversary mission or something. Or a product with a special code. Information More stats! Love the weapon missions to level them up as starter weapons. But would love Total enemies killed stat for all weapons and a way to see how many of each enemy type you killed. And Healing for support weapons. Your top and total score, enemies kills, chests opened and so on. The Amount of time you got each hack, best hack stat and info about how much each rarity gives unlock as you get them? Weapon type icons! Not sure if its in the game all ready, but would like a clear way to see if its a Ar, Smg or Shotgun and so on for missions and to know if your hacks work with your current weapon. Would also be nice to have the faction since some missions are based on this as well. And it sucks going into your loadout too read about them and remember every single one. Cosmetics? Would be cool with a way to see when you first obtained you cosmetics. And when you buy an item and it says OWNED would be nice to still be able to see the price of the item. So you can tell your friends if they wanna know, Community Gangs and Arcades! A Guild/Gang system where you can invite your friends. Have a Gang leaderboard and and Gang Arcade to show your collectables together with your Gang members! Also a Gang store where everyone in the gang gets the same items so you can gear up and look alike. And you could work together and help your gang members know when things they are looking for are in the store! Community and Gang goals? Kill 1.000.000 enemies over a month. Participate to earn rewards! Earn 1.000 Demon kills with your gang to earn tickets. Friends? A personal in-game friend list see your fiends scores. Privacy options for those that wanna hide their score. It will also be easier too invite your friends to play together across every platform. Email system! A way to make your friends able to gift some tickets that you can claim on login. Twitch drops? Maybe be able to gift your current shop cosmetics too your friends? Other Daily login rewards! On top of your missions. If if you login 100 days you get a Exclusive Collectable. After 365 Days you get an Year 1 outfit. (And you can then buy tints for it in the shop.) Would be cool to see who are the most dedicated players. Other days can give tickets a rare chance for a collectable or maybe every 30 days (month) you get one out of a loot table. Making your players wanna come back to check the shop and try the new content. Infinite Levels? Not sure if there is a level cap but I hope their is non. If level 100 is max it would be nice with a prestige system where you can go back to level 1 just to keep the levels going. Without loosing you progression. And you get a collectable or a prestige tint for a random item you own. Thanks For reading <3 Love the game! -Jonikalus
  7. not good working game on my pc it's still stuck stage can someone give me suggestion which one the best pc for game
  8. i was thinking it could be like a Duels mode (or idk what it'd be called) but it could allow for 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 where each team runs the gauntlet as normal but they have to progress through quicker than the other team. there could be bonus points, penalties (spawning mobs for the other team for example), or things like that. it could allow for it's own leaderboard and rewards based on if you get further or accumulate more points than the other team.
  9. I have this situation with Diablo 2. The game always crashes. The game is very good, but the technical component is simply disgusting. Who is thinking about buying a game? I advise that until the developers solve the problems with the servers (and I assume that the developers just scored on everything and will not fix anything), do not spend money because the result will likely disappoint you. Previously, I always reread the classification of the game on the site https://www.yesgamers.com/diablo-2/classes-characters to figure out what's going on. Who else 's game crashes?
  10. Hey so I've been trying to log on to the game for 4 days now and I keep getting the same region lookup failure verify internet connection and when ever I do that nothing changes I'm sure u have a lot on ur plate but I wanted to inform u that it has been messed up and I don't know if it helps but I'm US on north east side of.
  11. i can’t do any of the pvp objectives cause i can never get any players to match against in pvp. i feel like i’m the only one playing on ps5 in asia region. waited over 10 minutes and gave up. not just once but over a few consecutive days at different timing. Also adding a few more bosses/content in the future would be a cool idea. dont want to mention other games that are free that has a lot more content then arcadegeddon. i’m addicted but still wish there are more stuff to grind for.
  12. Since we already have cross-platform with PC players, it would only be fair if PS5 players get to also choose if they want to use a controller or mouse and keyboard. Plus I do believe the game will be more enjoyable on keyboard and mouse. SO PLEASE GIVE US A CHANCE TO PLAY THE GAME ON KB AND M. (PS I am too broke to buy a PC)
  13. now that PS5 has VRR support, any chance for Arcadegeddon to patch it in the final product?
  14. i'd like some sort of implementation where ya'll could see what weapons are used more than others. that way there can be a greater tuning to the overall arsenal for players to use and find. like finding crates is excited, but what's not exciting is finding a tire pump weapon that i have no interest in. if there was a way ya'll could see what guns are used more than others, you could see what works and what doesn't.
  15. I keep getting the same message when trying to log in to the game on my ps4, it just keeps saying region lookup failure verify Internet connectivity, I checked my Internet and its working fine, i know its early access so i am willing to wait for full release, i just hope it can be fixed
  16. I feel like there should be some better benefit to grabbing hacks. A game I felt did a great job was risk of rain/ binding of issac. Certain perks would stack really well and could make a run very OP. Personally I’d like to see something like that implemented in the game. It just feels like something that is missing and could take the game to new heights. By the way I love how fluid the gameplay itself feels, playing on ps5 and it’s like butter. Thank you
  17. mirror pvp on oveewatch I bought the game thinking it would be one but in the end it was only colored like itself pvp 5 against 5 with cargo escort or area capture and that they use the leaders of the factions and that each one has its own skill dividing between dps tank support
  18. Fixed an issue where an incorrect track was playing even with streamer mode enabled Fixed an issue where the Magma Cannon had weapon tints that were identical
  19. now i understand not all games can hit that 120fps mark, but this game currently runs at 60fps. currently a few games that run 120fps, off the top of my head, are Destiny 2 pvp crucible, Fortnite, and Rainbow 6 Siege. i now there's more but finding a list is irrelevant and although some games don't exactly, change super drastically from it, it does help. Like Destiny 2 120fps looks superior to Rainbow 6 120fps. so i know it's not always like, game changing. is this something potentially being looked at for ps5? i'm unsure what the pc version currently runs at
  20. is it better to go straight to the boss upon unlocking the option to break the door and use the portal or to continue on the adventure gaining loot/progressing through difficulties
  21. ya knowing if it's a rifle, sub machine gun, shotgun among other types would be useful. i've picked up what looked to be a rocket launcher but shot lazers. or grenade launcher type weapons that didn't count toward grenade launcher daily quests. i noticed the icon that signifies it'll lock on and shots home-in on the target, but unless you look at the gun, it's hard to tell. the main game hud has the guns in catagories, but they seem to be based on manufacturer rather than a class of weapon. not to bring up other games, but catagories like Apex has their weapons catagorized could help with this. and then a seperate description for what manufacturers could be handy. i notice the thermal type weapons don't need reloading but overheat, which seems to be the most contained/unique of the manufacture based weapons.
  22. is it possible for the arcade machines to have operational games? their own leaderboards/rewards/things to do outside the main game.
  23. Hey there, buddy. This is a problem that does not only affect you or this game. For example, I frequently play on Minecraft servers, and they frequently fly out when I'm on the road. It's all due to a shaky Internet connection. It's very likely that the same issue exists here. Contact your Internet service provider. They might be able to assist you.
  24. Fixed an issue where the Scotsman had identical tints unlocked when progressing through weapon feats Fixed an issue where the Data Daemon Fury would sometimes phase through walls when performing its charge attack Fixed an issue in Mystic Isles where a Glitch Siphon may sometimes spawn behind a wall
  25. Hi it would be cool if you could have an option to pick what pronoun you want npcs to use for your character Also the ability to make the hud (and the prompts) bigger for people on ps5. I feel like I have to get close to the screen to see what I need to do for each level
  26. Having issues with the new patch. I'm unable to join a game in progress that my friend is trying to invite me to. The game starts to load me into the match and then boots me. An error message pops up saying "Join in progress disabled" Anyway to get around this or do I have to wait until he is back at Gilly's?
  27. We have it noted down as a suggestion! For now, the only way to continue a run is to forgo doing the last boss. You can keep track of how many bosses you've currently done in the Hacks menu. We're still working on the feature so check in during the next patch to see what it's like then!
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