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  2. Patch 1.3.2 is now available! Restart your client to download the latest patch. In Patch 1.3.2, we've included a few fixes and changes to address issues that were able to fit into this patch. Account Linking is also now available for Steam users! We're still working on some cool things for the next big update, so stay tuned for more info! Account Linking on Steam is now enabled Steam users are now able to play cross-platform with all other platforms after linking with Epic Games. Follow instructions to link your Epic account to your Steam account here Party Management System The Party Management system allows you to host and join lobbies using party codes without having to be friends on Steam or Epic. This feature is currently only available for Steam users and Epic Games users. To find this feature, navigate to the “Friends” tab To host a game, the host player must be in Gilly’s. Navigate to your Friends tab and click on the Party Management button at the bottom of your screen. Scroll to the right and select Public to generate a code to send Switching off of public or exiting and re-entering Gilly’s will reset this code To join a lobby Navigate to the “Friends” tab Set privacy settings to “Friends Only” or “Invite Only” Enter a provided code Join and have fun! Fixes and Changes Addressed an issue where enemies could spawn or fall out of the map in Horde Mode. If you experience this issue, please let us know in our Discord under the Bugs thread! Addressed an issue where party members queueing for matchmaking would sometimes not load in, or load in as a spectator Fixed an issue where users could not link their accounts to Epic Games if they had unlinked after having previously been linked Fixed an issue where players could sometimes lose controller input after exiting the hack terminal Fixed an issue Rocketeer troopers were not firing against players properly at short ranges Rocketeer troopers should now distance themselves or engage against players properly in close-quarters Fixed an issue where certain cosmetics were preventing players from taking damage Fixed an issue where party member Steam profile avatars would sometimes not load Gilly’s Localization fixes Various Chinese, Spanish, French localization improvements and fixes Adjusted various UI elements and localization issues in other languages
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      For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding patch 1.3.2 and any subsequent patches, I recommend checking the official website or social media channels of IllFonic or the game itself. These sources usually provide detailed patch notes outlining The GP510 changes, fixes, and improvements introduced in each update.

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  7. Arcadegeddon Patch 1.3.1 (Hotfix) Made improvements to localization (Simplified Chinese) Made improvements for text readability to various UI elements We are currently also working on Patch 1.3.2 which will include various bug fixes.
  8. Arcadegeddon Patch 1.3.0 Arcadegeddon Now On Steam! Rise To Action with Arcadegeddon On STEAM Base Game and Deluxe Upgrade Available Today. https://youtu.be/cnk3sn6iwLY Time Trial Time Trials are now playable on Arcadegeddon! In the Time Trial game mode, you will have 30 minutes to beat all 4 bosses. Better start practicing your speedrunning so you can get the best time and score possible! https://youtu.be/LmhL98Kwbto Horde Mode Update Horde Mode has been updated with a new intro cinematic and 2 new Horde Mode arenas! Horde Mode Aftermath Horde Mode Downtown New Cosmetics We have a variety of new cosmetics and updates to existing cosmetics that are now available with patch 1.3.0! If you’re feeling like you need to make some changes to your wardrobe, this is the time to do it! 7 New Hairstyles 6 New Outfits 8 New Head Accessories New Tints! New Slugger Model Boss Stagger Bar Bosses now have a Stagger Bar that, when filled, will cause the boss to be temporarily stunned and take additional damage for the duration. UI Updates With this new patch, we wanted to make some QoL UI fixes and changes to ensure that you all have the best Arcadegeddon experience possible! Horde Mode UI has been updated with some new UI elements for information about the “waves” Defend the Exploit will now show the Health Bar on the top of your screen Surge Abilities have been updated to show when they are fully charged Boss Portals now have an HP bar General Surge Energy has been rebalanced for late game EXP from Elemental weapon status effects have been rebalanced Acid weapons slightly nerfed Infernal weapons now no longer instantly apply the ignite affect. Enemies are now ignited after the initial fire explosion has occurred. Hacks now have diminishing currency returns when sold to the vendor. Buffed chests loot Chests now grant Surge Energy Boss chests and certain chests in Horde Mode now grant Unique weapon ammo Fixed an issue where bosses would not use certain abilities
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