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Patch Notes 1.2.0


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Arcadegeddon Patch 1.2.0


A Letter From The Development Team 

We hope everyone is excited for the 1.2.0 Update! 

The team worked hard to bring these updates and changes, and there is A LOT. We wanted the game to feel more challenging and engaging overall for players, so we overhauled multiple systems and added tons of quality of life changes, along with a slew of new content.

The first big change to the game is Balance. Enemies now scale health and damage along with the stage and difficulty. We also overhauled the enemy Affix system which allows enemies to spawn with modifiers such as shields or elemental damage/resistances. Updating enemy scaling also means we had to rebalance all of the weapons in game. In addition to the damage tweaks and updates for all weapons, we also reworked the feel and viability. Shotguns, Pistols, and SMG’s are all now tuned to be much more viable at close to medium range and not as effective at longer distances. Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles are now primarily effective at medium to long ranges.

To go along with all of the new enemy scaling we have also added multiple new systems to help the player scale their own power to help combat the increased run difficulty. New plugins and hacks have both been added to give players more agency over their play style, as well as the Hack Terminal which will let players craft builds with the loot they find during runs. Vendor tiles have also been updated with new interactions and more loot. Vendors now spawn 2 hacks to choose from, and a Weapon Kiosk was added that lets you upgrade one weapon in your inventory, for a cost. 

Outside of the Adventure run, we have also added 2 new game modes: Horde Mode and Boss Rush. Horde Mode pits players against endless waves of enemies and challenges on some brand new maps. Boss Rush is a never ending sequence of boss arena fights. How many can you survive? The leaderboards have also been upgraded with new stats and contain dedicated boards for these new modes.

This is just barely scratching the surface of all of the new stuff we crammed into Arcadegeddon with this absolutely massive update!. Two of our personal favorites are the new Ready Up system in Gilly's and the 4 new emote slots on the emote wheel. 

We can’t wait for everyone to dive into this update and discover all of the new changes and content, and we look forward to hearing the reactions from the community!

Arcadegeddon Dev Team xoxo

New Game Modes

Boss Rush.jpeg

Boss Rush
Boss Rush is the mode to play if you like to fight bosses and only bosses. All the excitement of boss fights without having to run through hordes of enemies. 
Quite the opposite of Horde Mode now that I think about it…

The Boss Rush game mode allows the player to exclusively play through boss battles. Players using Unique Weapons during Boss Rush will gain EXP for the weapon and allow it to be unlocked as a starter weapon.

Boss Rush can be unlocked by acquiring 5 collectibles.

Horde Mode
Have you ever wanted to defend against hordes of Arcadegeddon enemies without having to run a marathon across an entire biome?
Here is your chance to do just that with Horde Mode!
Horde Mode is a new game mode where the player must survive waves of enemies and challenges on the new Horde Mode maps. Players may obtain the new unique collectibles by surviving 40 waves of enemies. 

Horde Mode can be unlocked by completing the first 3 primary gang challenges.
Players may also enter Horde Mode by using the brand new Horde Mode Altar that may appear throughout Adventure Mode.

Infinite Enemy Scaling and Balance Changes
Arcadegeddon has had a major overhaul!

We’ve made many big changes to the balance of Arcadegeddon. In order for the difficulty of Arcadegeddon to scale infinitely with difficulty and stage progression, we’ve basically rebalanced everything! Enemy scaling, weapons, hacks, loot drops, enemy spawn rates, and more have all been through some major adjustments and tuning. There are also a variety of new systems (listed below) introduced to Arcadegeddon that will completely change how you play the game! 
Enemy Affixes

Elemental Variants 
Enemies are now able to spawn as one of their 4 new elemental variants. These elemental affixes include: Fire, Ice, Shock, and Acid. 
Elemental enemy variants will be equipped with an elemental type weapon and have varying resistance to player weapon types depending on the element.

Enemies are now able to spawn affixed with Shields
Enemy shields behave the same as player shields and will recharge after a time.

Enemies are now able to spawn affixed with Armor
Armor receives 50% reduction to all damage except acid. Armor does not recharge.

Enemies are now able to spawn affixed with the Berserker
Berserker causes enemies to deal double damage while also receiving double damage. 
Berserker also increases their speed and makes them appear angry and red.


New Acid Weapon Manufacturer
New Acid Weapon Manufacturer
We’ve got a whole new weapon manufacturer named ACIDBURN

AcidBurn weapons inflict Acid DOT(damage over time) damage to enemies. 
Enemies afflicted by the Acid damage will cause pools of acid to drip onto the ground and spread Acid throughout their surroundings

Acid damage deals an increased amount of damage to Armor.

New Weapons
Including the new Acid Burn weapons, there are a total of 9 new weapons available in Arcadegeddon!

  • Perforator
  • Boomstick
  • Bouncing Benny
  • Cold 45
  • Hot Shot
  • Corruptor
  • Bile Blaster
  • Slosher
  • Toxic Revenger

New Weapon Qualities
Arcadegeddon’s weapons have been upgraded to include three new possible quality levels! 

Weapons are now able to spawn (or upgraded to as a starter weapon) as Mythic, Cosmic, and Divine quality.

Weapon Upgrade Machine
Players are now able to pay to upgrade their weapon’s quality level at the new Weapon Upgrade Machine located on each vendor tile.

Surge weapons have been renamed to Giga-Volt due to the Surge weapon manufacturer going out of business.

New Plugins
There are 8 new plugins now available in Arcadegeddon!

  • Bullet Town
  • Angelic
  • Second Surge
  • Resistor
  • Harden
  • Vampire
  • Shopping for Shields
  • Last Chance

Hack Terminal
Players are now able to sell or upgrade their hacks at the new Hack Terminal located on each vendor tile.

By sacrificing two hacks, you are now able to upgrade a hack of your choosing and really push your build to its limits (which you’re really going to need with these new infinite scaling changes). You can also choose to sell your hacks in order to get that extra amount of money you need for that weapon you’ve been eyeing at the vendor tile.

New Hacks
There are 30 new hacks now available in Arcadegeddon!
Try out different combinations along with the new Hack Terminal and you may just be able get to the top of the leaderboards! 

  • Thermal
  • Grounded
  • Frosty
  • Basic
  • Miligrade
  • Acid Burn
  • Demolisher
  • Infernal
  • Nanotech
  • Giga-Volt
  • Zero Cool
  • Unique
  • Frost Mage
  • Storm Witch
  • Pyromancer
  • Plague Wizard
  • Enrage
  • Avalanche
  • Last Stand
  • Overcharge
  • Marksman
  • Featherweight
  • Heavyweight
  • Gloves Off
  • Super Potion
  • Super Magnet
  • Toxic Splash
  • Shock Wave
  • Flame Burst 
  • Frost Blast

Vendor Tile Hacks
The vendor tile now always has 2 hacks available for purchase

Adventure Mode

New Puzzles
There are 3 new puzzle types that you can now encounter throughout Adventure Mode! 

  • Color Glitch
  • Protect the Exploit
  • Enemy Assassinate

Mini Bosses
Certain enemies throughout Adventure Mode are now able to spawn in as mini bosses. 
These enemies are much tougher than their normal counterparts and should not be underestimated. Mini bosses are equipped with special weapons and WAY more health. 

New End Tiles
With this big update to Arcadegeddon, you can expect a new available end tile on each of Arcadegeddon’s existing biomes.
That’s 6 new end tiles that you may run into while fighting your way through Adventure Mode! Make sure to slow down a bit to enjoy the awesome scenery.

Updated Loot Chest Spawns
Thought you had all your Adventure Mode routes all figured out? 
Well, we’ve added and adjusted the loot chest spawns in all biomes… so get ready to take notes.



Custom Private Match Lobbies
Private lobbies are now available in the PVP machine. 

Players can now customize their favorite PVP game modes with a variety of different options and loadouts to create their own PVP game modes. 
These custom game modes may be saved and added into a custom PVP playlist so you can battle your friends in the way you think is the most fun.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Glitch Ball Arena
Are you a fan of Glitch Ball?
Do you want to play Glitch Ball in real life? 

Well, we can’t do anything about that second part, but if you’re a fan of Glitch Ball…
There’s a new Glitch Ball arena available for all you fans out there!

Leaderboard Update
The Arcadegeddon’s leaderboards have been updated to include the following:

  • New Game Modes
    • Boss Rush
    • Horde Mode
  • Stats
    • Run Time
    • Highest Difficulty
    • Highest Stage
    • Number of Defeated Bosses
    • Highest Wave Completed

Ready Up System
The Ready Up system has been added to Gilly’s so that players are no longer at the mercy of the Host’s whims.
Players are now prompted to enter the Arcade machine and given a countdown to start the run.

New Cosmetics

New cosmetics are now available in Arcadegeddon!

  • 5 x New Premium Cosmetics
  • New Human Head Cosmetics
  • Hologram Cosmetics updated
  • And several more new unlockable cosmetics!


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