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Weapon Preview - AcidBurn


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AcidBurn Preview

2022 has been quite an exciting year for Arcadegeddon. In July, we were very happy to fully launch Arcadegeddon after a full year of Early Access. Patch 1.0 (Full Launch) was quite a big overhaul for Arcadegeddon and there were so many changes and new features that it felt like a completely new game!  Since then, we’ve released multiple updates with new features, bug fixes, stability improvements, and various cosmetics. 

However, we know that many of you are curious to know what’s coming up for Arcadegeddon and we hear you. 

So, let’s get right into it and talk about the new weapon type!


There have been various new weapons released in Arcadegeddon over the past two years, but this is the very first time that we will be introducing a completely new weapon type and weapon manufacturer.

AcidBurn is the most recent weapon manufacturer that has arrived at Super City and they’ve brought with them four new weapons. Their motto is “slow and steady wins the race,” but they’ve twisted that age old saying into something quite a bit more insidious. AcidBurn’s specialty is, like their name suggests, Acid Weapons. These weapons are designed to whittle away at your foes with a concoction of deadly poisons that would scare away even the toughest Data Daemon Brutes. The legality of these weapons may be questionable, but I’m sure Uncle Gilly won’t mind… Right?

These new AcidBurn weapons come with a new unique status effect called Acid. Acid afflicts your enemies with a stacking damage over time that increases its damage with each individual stack. When an enemy reaches the maximum amount of Acid stacks, the Acid stacks explode, dealing AOE damage to all nearby enemies while also creating an acid pool on the ground. These acid pools will also cause your enemies to be afflicted with Acid, which makes the AcidBurn weapons very powerful in situations against large amounts of enemies.

Acid Weapons are still a work in progress and may be subject to change

There are four new Acid Weapons being introduced to Arcadegeddon. 
The Slosher, Toxic Revenger, Bile Blaster, and Corruptor.

The Slosher(Grenade Launcher) and Toxic Revenger(Rocket Launcher) are explosive weapons that deal AOE damage on impact while also creating a deadly pool of acid that will poison your foes foolish enough to walk into a big green puddle.

The Corruptor is a semi-automatic pistol with moderate amounts of damage that will quickly stack up acid on your enemies.

The Bile Blaster is a shotgun. An acid shotgun. What more can I say?


These new Acid weapons are super exciting and we’re very happy that we’re finally able to show this new weapon type to you all. However, this isn’t the only thing on the horizon. We’ve got much more we’re working on that we’ll be talking about in the coming months. 

Here are a few things that are being worked on in Arcadegeddon that you can look forward to in 2023.
Keep in mind that we’re working on more than what’s listed here!

  • Difficulty scaling changes (Infinite Scaling)
  • New game mode(s)
  • New maps
  • New hacks and hack related features
  • Even more new weapons
  • And a lot more!

So… What do you think of the new Acid weapons? Will you be using them in your Arcadegeddon runs when they’re released? 

Let us know what you think on the Official Arcadegeddon Discord Server and on our social media!

Make sure to also keep an eye out for our live streams where we often talk about what’s coming next for Arcadegeddon (such as the content listed above) and the current state of the game. We stream once a week and usually have giveaways too! For the most current streaming schedule, check out our twitch page at https://twitch.tv/IllFonic

Hope to see you all soon and we wish you all a Happy Holidays!

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