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Patch Notes 0.3.0 - Fall Update


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New Content

The PS5 and Epic Game Store Players can now connect to one another either via an Epic Online Service linked account or randomly in Find Players

Dedicated Servers
Find players matches will now occur on Dedicated Servers

We currently have localization in for the following languages

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese

A first pass of localization is in which should cover about 80% of the current content

(Localization is Temporarily Unavailable)

Offline Mode
You can now enter Gilly’s and play offline in a solo run

  • Currently you can only start runs, there is no offline profile that levels up and you do not have access to gang challenges, TomBot challenges, etc.

New Tracks Added to the Game's Soundtrack

Combo System
You can now gain sim score multipliers for chaining together actions within a given time. If the combo timer expires your multiplier is reset.
Increase your sim scores and push the Leaderboards with our new combo system!

New Daily Challenges


TomBot now offers 3 challenges to players everyday!

  • Players do not have to interact with TomBot to receive them, they will be automatically added to your objectives each day. You will need to talk to TomBot to turn them in to get your rewards


New Character Customization Progression: Plugins


Add some oomph to your arsenal by applying powerups to your character. Want more hit points? Apply Spongy to your Plugin Loadout. Want to cause explosions when you melee? Apply Boom Fist to your Plugin Loadout

  • New Slots and Plugins unlock based on your account level and alter the way you play the game
  • Located in the Customization Kiosk in Gilly’s Arcade Loadout


New Biome: Downtown


New Boss & Boss Arena: Data Demon Prince


New Enemy Unit: Data Demon Witch


The Data Demon Witch is a new support enemy unit which can start spawning at Difficulty 10.
The Data Demon Witch can Buff and Heal other enemies while also firing projectiles at the players.

New PvP Mode: King of the Hill
Cap and Contest control points that shift position after a team gains control of it

Daily Leaderboards
Want another Daily goal to reach? We now have Daily Leaderboards for each party size to go along with the weekly.

Look to the sky
As the difficulty increases, the skybox now reflects the increase in chaos as more enemies spawn and the levels increase in size

New Cosmetics

  • 1 New Outfit: Skelly
  • 5 New Cosmetics
  • More Tints added to existing Cosmetics

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the player lost character control after turning in a quest
  • Fixed issues where players were not canceled out of emotes when they switch player states to Death, Downed or Stunned
  • Fixed an issue where an emote animation would get stuck if performed while transitioning out of a weapon action like reloading
  • Fixed issues where players were not canceled out of Surge Ability Targeting when they switch player states to Death, Downed or Stunned
  • Fixed an issue where a players info card would not appear during a Battle Mode Intro
  • Fixed an issue where Leaderboard Placement would show the wrong placement for the Weekly Leaderboards
  • Numerous Performance Optimizations

Balance Changes & Misc Adjustments

  • General
    • Boss fights are now on random no repeat as well to prevent getting the same boss back to back
    • Falling damage and hazards now deal damage directly to HP
    • Made a number of mix adjustments to the games overall soundscape.
    • Adjusted the layout of items for sale in Gilly’s to have consistent formatting between base items and tints whether they are weapon tints or cosmetic tints
  • Gang Challenges
    • Replaced the Multiplayer centric Gang Challenges from the base Gangs in Gilly's (Royale still only offers Multiplayer based challenges)
  • PVP
    • Increased the Freeze Damage on the Frosty Fraggins Shotgun (Glitch Ball Game Mode only)
  • Weapons
    • Gillytine
      • No longer provides the player with an extra jump when using the secondary attack
    • Ex Machina
      • Clusters that spawn after the initial impact now maintain the same momentum as the initial projectile rather than go in random directions
      • Increased Damage
    • Slugger
      • Updated the equip and swing animations


Known Issues

  • Players have to Return to their own Gilly's to Turn In Daily Challenges
    • You currently cannot turn in Daily Challenges from a Party Leaders/Hosts Gilly’s instance unless you are the Party Leader


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