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  1. We're using FidelityFX Super Resolution with Temporal Antialiasing Upsampling in combination with each other. The goal is to maximize performance and image quality simultaneously, and it's working pretty well so far. I don't have the engine specific settings offhand with FSR, but this guy does solid dive into what we're doing (and probably better than I could do):
  2. At this point, couldn't say. I think the short term will be focused on improving stability, implementing the player requests that we can, and prepping for the Summer content update. We do have over a half year of early access to go, though, so this topic might get revisited later.
  3. That's a popular request, and one that we are working on. It will take a little bit longer to implement but we know it's something a lot of people want.
  4. Both Reddit and Discord are good places to find other players. As for the broader run questions: There's still a lot to add to the game! Let's see what the coming months bring. But I can promise this: We'll be looking to make the game as fun and enjoyable as possible, so all feedback on the game helps :)
  5. So, what you're seeing there is some form of desync, not a crash. The game is currently P2P in its matchmaking (Which means one person's console or computer is the "server" through which your game is running), so if something happens to the host (They disconnect, etc), that's what you'll see. It's one of the experiences we'll be working on to improve through the early access of the game, BUT I have a solution: Join the discord and LFG with some other players. If you're up to do some really competitive long runs, that's a great place to find others to play with that also want long games. Here's the link: https://discord.gg/4jnv82WXFT We'll continually work on making the game more fun through the early access as well, so thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!
  6. Just checking: Have you been able to submit the crashes through the PS5's reporting tool? This will give our team a crash file that will help them figure out what's up. Also, if you can be really descriptive in the text box, and/or even include your forum name or PSN name, that'll help immensely as we figure out what happened.
  7. Meet Tybalt. 20lbs of jerk and if you see me posting on here, a 50% chance it was with him in my lap.
  8. lol yeah. The later challenges step up in difficulty a fair bit ;)
  9. Could you tell me about what happened right before that video? Did the issue start as soon as you loaded the level, or did something happen before that?
  10. If you could, upload it somewhere or share to google drive, then send the link over to info@illfonic.com, and I'll get that up to QA :)
  11. Hi there! So, the issue itself might be your save file, but uninstalling/reinstalling the game will not touch this. Thankfully, it's not too hard to do this. Make sure the game is fully closed on your PC or PS5 before doing this. To delete the save file from PCs: Copy/Paste this line into a File Explorer window, then hit Enter: %localappdata%\Arcade\ In this folder, there is a Saved file. Delete this whole folder. On PS5 consoles: Go to Settings Open up your Console Storage Look for the Saved Data function. Select that. Find Arcadegeddon, then delete that save file. After doing either of those, launch the game again and try to complete the first mission. Let us know if it works or you'll need more help!
  12. Yep. It did happen on our dev stream too. The chat called it "Halloween mode" iirc. We've been able to document this and will get it to QA when Monday rolls around.
  13. Thanks for reporting this, especially noting which pvp you returned from. Will pass along to the team!
  14. We have been able to replicate ways that people can get stuck in slides if they collide with objects. Thanks for the report and keep them coming!
  15. Hi everyone! Here is our Early Access Roadmap for Arcadegeddon! As this game progresses through Early Access, we will continually update this roadmap and/or post new and updated ones. And beyond finding this here in our forums, we'll be posting this across our social and even making it accessible in the game itself. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey to bring Arcadegeddon to full release in early 2022! Let us know what you love! Let us know what you'd like to see improved! Your input is what will make this game even more fun, so let your voices be heard as we take this game into 2022!
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