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  1. 267330450_Patch1.3.2Banner.jpg.828134a50

    Patch 1.3.2 is now available! 
    Restart your client to download the latest patch.

    In Patch 1.3.2, we've included a few fixes and changes to address issues that were able to fit into this patch. Account Linking is also now available for Steam users! We're still working on some cool things for the next big update, so stay tuned for more info!

    Account Linking on Steam is now enabled

    • Steam users are now able to play cross-platform with all other platforms after linking with Epic Games.
    • Follow instructions to link your Epic account to your Steam account here

    Party Management System

    • The Party Management system allows you to host and join lobbies using party codes without having to be friends on Steam or Epic.
    • This feature is currently only available for Steam users and Epic Games users. 
    • To find this feature, navigate to the “Friends” tab

    friends tab.png

    • To host a game, the host player must be in Gilly’s. Navigate to your Friends tab and click on the Party Management button at the bottom of your screen.
    • Scroll to the right and select Public to generate a code to send
    • Switching off of public or exiting and re-entering Gilly’s will reset this code

    host party.png

    • To join a lobby
    • Navigate to the “Friends” tab
    • Set privacy settings to “Friends Only” or “Invite Only” 
    • Enter a provided code 
    • Join and have fun!

    join party.png


    Fixes and Changes

    • Addressed an issue where enemies could spawn or fall out of the map in Horde Mode.
      • If you experience this issue, please let us know in our Discord under the Bugs thread!
    • Addressed an issue where party members queueing for matchmaking would sometimes not load in, or load in as a spectator
    • Fixed an issue where users could not link their accounts to Epic Games if they had unlinked after having previously been linked
    • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes lose controller input after exiting the hack terminal
    • Fixed an issue Rocketeer troopers were not firing against players properly at short ranges
      • Rocketeer troopers should now distance themselves or engage against players properly in close-quarters 
    • Fixed an issue where certain cosmetics were preventing players from taking damage
    • Fixed an issue where party member Steam profile avatars would sometimes not load Gilly’s
    • Localization fixes
      • Various Chinese, Spanish, French localization improvements and fixes
      • Adjusted various UI elements and localization issues in other languages


  2. Arcadegeddon Patch 1.3.1 (Hotfix)

    • Made improvements to localization (Simplified Chinese)
    • Made improvements for text readability to various UI elements


    We are currently also working on Patch 1.3.2 which will include various bug fixes. 

  3. Arcadegeddon Patch 1.3.0

    Arcadegeddon Now On Steam!
    Rise To Action with Arcadegeddon On STEAM
    Base Game and Deluxe Upgrade Available Today. 


    Time Trial
    Time Trials are now playable on Arcadegeddon!
    In the Time Trial game mode, you will have 30 minutes to beat all 4 bosses.
    Better start practicing your speedrunning so you can get the best time and score possible!


    Horde Mode Update
    Horde Mode has been updated with a new intro cinematic and 2 new Horde Mode arenas!

    • Horde Mode Aftermath
    • Horde Mode Downtown

    New Cosmetics
    We have a variety of new cosmetics and updates to existing cosmetics that are now available with patch 1.3.0!
    If you’re feeling like you need to make some changes to your wardrobe, this is the time to do it!

    • 7 New Hairstyles
    • 6 New Outfits
    • 8 New Head Accessories
    • New Tints!
    • New Slugger Model

    Boss Stagger Bar
    Bosses now have a Stagger Bar that, when filled, will cause the boss to be temporarily stunned and take additional damage for the duration.

    UI Updates
    With this new patch, we wanted to make some QoL UI fixes and changes to ensure that you all have the best Arcadegeddon experience possible!

    • Horde Mode UI has been updated with some new UI elements for information about the “waves”
    • Defend the Exploit will now show the Health Bar on the top of your screen
    • Surge Abilities have been updated to show when they are fully charged
    • Boss Portals now have an HP bar


    • Surge Energy has been rebalanced for late game
    • EXP from Elemental weapon status effects have been rebalanced
    • Acid weapons slightly nerfed
    • Infernal weapons now no longer instantly apply the ignite affect. Enemies are now ignited after the initial fire explosion has occurred. 
    • Hacks now have diminishing currency returns when sold to the vendor.
    • Buffed chests loot
    • Chests now grant Surge Energy
    • Boss chests and certain chests in Horde Mode now grant Unique weapon ammo
    • Fixed an issue where bosses would not use certain abilities
  4. Arcadegeddon Patch 1.2.1

    • Collectibles can now be obtained through the Boss Rush game mode
    • Failing the Protect the Exploit puzzle will no longer cause players to be revived
    • Bribe TomBot now scales with difficulty instead of being capped at 30,000
    • Fixed an issue where the Good Doctor was missing from the Weapon Loadout tab
    • Fixed several locations where the target enemy for the Kill The Target puzzle could sometimes fail to spawn or spawn in an inaccessible location
    • Fixed an issue where the Angelic plugin was not properly affecting the heal that occurs when reviving another player
    • Fixed an issue where the TORX Torso was not animating properly
    • Fixed an issue that was causing equipped weapons to be replaced with a lower quality when leveling up a weapon to a quality that is lower than the equipped weapon
    • Fixed an issue in Private Matches that was causing players to sometimes become stuck in spectator mode
    • Fixed an issue where the Good Doctor would grant the player an incorrect amount of credit towards the healing Gang Challenges
    • Fixed an issue where the host would not see emotes from any client players
    • Fixed an issue where the Heavyweight hack could allow the player to float in the air
    • Fixed an issue where the boss meter was being displayed on certain maps during Horde Mode runs
    • Fixed an issue where certain unique weapons were missing tint icons
  5. Arcadegeddon Patch 1.2.0


    A Letter From The Development Team 

    We hope everyone is excited for the 1.2.0 Update! 

    The team worked hard to bring these updates and changes, and there is A LOT. We wanted the game to feel more challenging and engaging overall for players, so we overhauled multiple systems and added tons of quality of life changes, along with a slew of new content.

    The first big change to the game is Balance. Enemies now scale health and damage along with the stage and difficulty. We also overhauled the enemy Affix system which allows enemies to spawn with modifiers such as shields or elemental damage/resistances. Updating enemy scaling also means we had to rebalance all of the weapons in game. In addition to the damage tweaks and updates for all weapons, we also reworked the feel and viability. Shotguns, Pistols, and SMG’s are all now tuned to be much more viable at close to medium range and not as effective at longer distances. Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles are now primarily effective at medium to long ranges.

    To go along with all of the new enemy scaling we have also added multiple new systems to help the player scale their own power to help combat the increased run difficulty. New plugins and hacks have both been added to give players more agency over their play style, as well as the Hack Terminal which will let players craft builds with the loot they find during runs. Vendor tiles have also been updated with new interactions and more loot. Vendors now spawn 2 hacks to choose from, and a Weapon Kiosk was added that lets you upgrade one weapon in your inventory, for a cost. 

    Outside of the Adventure run, we have also added 2 new game modes: Horde Mode and Boss Rush. Horde Mode pits players against endless waves of enemies and challenges on some brand new maps. Boss Rush is a never ending sequence of boss arena fights. How many can you survive? The leaderboards have also been upgraded with new stats and contain dedicated boards for these new modes.

    This is just barely scratching the surface of all of the new stuff we crammed into Arcadegeddon with this absolutely massive update!. Two of our personal favorites are the new Ready Up system in Gilly's and the 4 new emote slots on the emote wheel. 

    We can’t wait for everyone to dive into this update and discover all of the new changes and content, and we look forward to hearing the reactions from the community!

    Arcadegeddon Dev Team xoxo

    New Game Modes

    Boss Rush.jpeg

    Boss Rush
    Boss Rush is the mode to play if you like to fight bosses and only bosses. All the excitement of boss fights without having to run through hordes of enemies. 
    Quite the opposite of Horde Mode now that I think about it…

    The Boss Rush game mode allows the player to exclusively play through boss battles. Players using Unique Weapons during Boss Rush will gain EXP for the weapon and allow it to be unlocked as a starter weapon.

    Boss Rush can be unlocked by acquiring 5 collectibles.

    Horde Mode
    Have you ever wanted to defend against hordes of Arcadegeddon enemies without having to run a marathon across an entire biome?
    Here is your chance to do just that with Horde Mode!
    Horde Mode is a new game mode where the player must survive waves of enemies and challenges on the new Horde Mode maps. Players may obtain the new unique collectibles by surviving 40 waves of enemies. 

    Horde Mode can be unlocked by completing the first 3 primary gang challenges.
    Players may also enter Horde Mode by using the brand new Horde Mode Altar that may appear throughout Adventure Mode.

    Infinite Enemy Scaling and Balance Changes
    Arcadegeddon has had a major overhaul!

    We’ve made many big changes to the balance of Arcadegeddon. In order for the difficulty of Arcadegeddon to scale infinitely with difficulty and stage progression, we’ve basically rebalanced everything! Enemy scaling, weapons, hacks, loot drops, enemy spawn rates, and more have all been through some major adjustments and tuning. There are also a variety of new systems (listed below) introduced to Arcadegeddon that will completely change how you play the game! 
    Enemy Affixes

    Elemental Variants 
    Enemies are now able to spawn as one of their 4 new elemental variants. These elemental affixes include: Fire, Ice, Shock, and Acid. 
    Elemental enemy variants will be equipped with an elemental type weapon and have varying resistance to player weapon types depending on the element.

    Enemies are now able to spawn affixed with Shields
    Enemy shields behave the same as player shields and will recharge after a time.

    Enemies are now able to spawn affixed with Armor
    Armor receives 50% reduction to all damage except acid. Armor does not recharge.

    Enemies are now able to spawn affixed with the Berserker
    Berserker causes enemies to deal double damage while also receiving double damage. 
    Berserker also increases their speed and makes them appear angry and red.


    New Acid Weapon Manufacturer
    New Acid Weapon Manufacturer
    We’ve got a whole new weapon manufacturer named ACIDBURN

    AcidBurn weapons inflict Acid DOT(damage over time) damage to enemies. 
    Enemies afflicted by the Acid damage will cause pools of acid to drip onto the ground and spread Acid throughout their surroundings

    Acid damage deals an increased amount of damage to Armor.

    New Weapons
    Including the new Acid Burn weapons, there are a total of 9 new weapons available in Arcadegeddon!

    • Perforator
    • Boomstick
    • Bouncing Benny
    • Cold 45
    • Hot Shot
    • Corruptor
    • Bile Blaster
    • Slosher
    • Toxic Revenger

    New Weapon Qualities
    Arcadegeddon’s weapons have been upgraded to include three new possible quality levels! 

    Weapons are now able to spawn (or upgraded to as a starter weapon) as Mythic, Cosmic, and Divine quality.

    Weapon Upgrade Machine
    Players are now able to pay to upgrade their weapon’s quality level at the new Weapon Upgrade Machine located on each vendor tile.

    Surge weapons have been renamed to Giga-Volt due to the Surge weapon manufacturer going out of business.

    New Plugins
    There are 8 new plugins now available in Arcadegeddon!

    • Bullet Town
    • Angelic
    • Second Surge
    • Resistor
    • Harden
    • Vampire
    • Shopping for Shields
    • Last Chance

    Hack Terminal
    Players are now able to sell or upgrade their hacks at the new Hack Terminal located on each vendor tile.

    By sacrificing two hacks, you are now able to upgrade a hack of your choosing and really push your build to its limits (which you’re really going to need with these new infinite scaling changes). You can also choose to sell your hacks in order to get that extra amount of money you need for that weapon you’ve been eyeing at the vendor tile.

    New Hacks
    There are 30 new hacks now available in Arcadegeddon!
    Try out different combinations along with the new Hack Terminal and you may just be able get to the top of the leaderboards! 

    • Thermal
    • Grounded
    • Frosty
    • Basic
    • Miligrade
    • Acid Burn
    • Demolisher
    • Infernal
    • Nanotech
    • Giga-Volt
    • Zero Cool
    • Unique
    • Frost Mage
    • Storm Witch
    • Pyromancer
    • Plague Wizard
    • Enrage
    • Avalanche
    • Last Stand
    • Overcharge
    • Marksman
    • Featherweight
    • Heavyweight
    • Gloves Off
    • Super Potion
    • Super Magnet
    • Toxic Splash
    • Shock Wave
    • Flame Burst 
    • Frost Blast

    Vendor Tile Hacks
    The vendor tile now always has 2 hacks available for purchase

    Adventure Mode

    New Puzzles
    There are 3 new puzzle types that you can now encounter throughout Adventure Mode! 

    • Color Glitch
    • Protect the Exploit
    • Enemy Assassinate

    Mini Bosses
    Certain enemies throughout Adventure Mode are now able to spawn in as mini bosses. 
    These enemies are much tougher than their normal counterparts and should not be underestimated. Mini bosses are equipped with special weapons and WAY more health. 

    New End Tiles
    With this big update to Arcadegeddon, you can expect a new available end tile on each of Arcadegeddon’s existing biomes.
    That’s 6 new end tiles that you may run into while fighting your way through Adventure Mode! Make sure to slow down a bit to enjoy the awesome scenery.

    Updated Loot Chest Spawns
    Thought you had all your Adventure Mode routes all figured out? 
    Well, we’ve added and adjusted the loot chest spawns in all biomes… so get ready to take notes.



    Custom Private Match Lobbies
    Private lobbies are now available in the PVP machine. 

    Players can now customize their favorite PVP game modes with a variety of different options and loadouts to create their own PVP game modes. 
    These custom game modes may be saved and added into a custom PVP playlist so you can battle your friends in the way you think is the most fun.

    We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

    Glitch Ball Arena
    Are you a fan of Glitch Ball?
    Do you want to play Glitch Ball in real life? 

    Well, we can’t do anything about that second part, but if you’re a fan of Glitch Ball…
    There’s a new Glitch Ball arena available for all you fans out there!

    Leaderboard Update
    The Arcadegeddon’s leaderboards have been updated to include the following:

    • New Game Modes
      • Boss Rush
      • Horde Mode
    • Stats
      • Run Time
      • Highest Difficulty
      • Highest Stage
      • Number of Defeated Bosses
      • Highest Wave Completed

    Ready Up System
    The Ready Up system has been added to Gilly’s so that players are no longer at the mercy of the Host’s whims.
    Players are now prompted to enter the Arcade machine and given a countdown to start the run.

    New Cosmetics

    New cosmetics are now available in Arcadegeddon!

    • 5 x New Premium Cosmetics
    • New Human Head Cosmetics
    • Hologram Cosmetics updated
    • And several more new unlockable cosmetics!


  6. AcidBurn Preview

    2022 has been quite an exciting year for Arcadegeddon. In July, we were very happy to fully launch Arcadegeddon after a full year of Early Access. Patch 1.0 (Full Launch) was quite a big overhaul for Arcadegeddon and there were so many changes and new features that it felt like a completely new game!  Since then, we’ve released multiple updates with new features, bug fixes, stability improvements, and various cosmetics. 

    However, we know that many of you are curious to know what’s coming up for Arcadegeddon and we hear you. 

    So, let’s get right into it and talk about the new weapon type!


    There have been various new weapons released in Arcadegeddon over the past two years, but this is the very first time that we will be introducing a completely new weapon type and weapon manufacturer.

    AcidBurn is the most recent weapon manufacturer that has arrived at Super City and they’ve brought with them four new weapons. Their motto is “slow and steady wins the race,” but they’ve twisted that age old saying into something quite a bit more insidious. AcidBurn’s specialty is, like their name suggests, Acid Weapons. These weapons are designed to whittle away at your foes with a concoction of deadly poisons that would scare away even the toughest Data Daemon Brutes. The legality of these weapons may be questionable, but I’m sure Uncle Gilly won’t mind… Right?

    These new AcidBurn weapons come with a new unique status effect called Acid. Acid afflicts your enemies with a stacking damage over time that increases its damage with each individual stack. When an enemy reaches the maximum amount of Acid stacks, the Acid stacks explode, dealing AOE damage to all nearby enemies while also creating an acid pool on the ground. These acid pools will also cause your enemies to be afflicted with Acid, which makes the AcidBurn weapons very powerful in situations against large amounts of enemies.

    Acid Weapons are still a work in progress and may be subject to change

    There are four new Acid Weapons being introduced to Arcadegeddon. 
    The Slosher, Toxic Revenger, Bile Blaster, and Corruptor.

    The Slosher(Grenade Launcher) and Toxic Revenger(Rocket Launcher) are explosive weapons that deal AOE damage on impact while also creating a deadly pool of acid that will poison your foes foolish enough to walk into a big green puddle.

    The Corruptor is a semi-automatic pistol with moderate amounts of damage that will quickly stack up acid on your enemies.

    The Bile Blaster is a shotgun. An acid shotgun. What more can I say?


    These new Acid weapons are super exciting and we’re very happy that we’re finally able to show this new weapon type to you all. However, this isn’t the only thing on the horizon. We’ve got much more we’re working on that we’ll be talking about in the coming months. 

    Here are a few things that are being worked on in Arcadegeddon that you can look forward to in 2023.
    Keep in mind that we’re working on more than what’s listed here!

    • Difficulty scaling changes (Infinite Scaling)
    • New game mode(s)
    • New maps
    • New hacks and hack related features
    • Even more new weapons
    • And a lot more!

    So… What do you think of the new Acid weapons? Will you be using them in your Arcadegeddon runs when they’re released? 

    Let us know what you think on the Official Arcadegeddon Discord Server and on our social media!

    Make sure to also keep an eye out for our live streams where we often talk about what’s coming next for Arcadegeddon (such as the content listed above) and the current state of the game. We stream once a week and usually have giveaways too! For the most current streaming schedule, check out our twitch page at https://twitch.tv/IllFonic

    Hope to see you all soon and we wish you all a Happy Holidays!

  7. 1.04 Patch Notes (T).png

    It’s already the last month of 2022 and we’re planning to end this year with some holiday cheer!

    Gilly'sEntrance 1080.jpg

    Gilly has been busy this past month running around the Arcade to put up some fancy Holiday decorations!
    Though if you take a look around the Arcade, you may notice that he may have been too busy to shovel the snow….


    Gilly also has a variety of new winter themed cosmetics and weapons tints available in his shop and in the customization machine. Make sure to hop into the Arcade and start collecting some tickets soon because these cosmetics and weapon tints will only be available for purchase until January. Grab them while you can! 
    However, there’s no need to worry about your winter themed cosmetics and weapon tints becoming unavailable after purchasing them. You’ll keep what you buy even after they become unpurchaseable. 

    Seriously though, check out those weapon tints, they’re really cool. 
    Winter Weapon Tint Preview v4.gif
    If you’re interested in what’s coming up for Arcadegeddon, then make sure to join us on next week’s stream on Tuesday, Dec 13th at Twitch.tv/IllFonic. We’ll be joined by IllFonic’s Tech Director, Dan, to talk a bit about what he and the team have been working on. Don’t miss it! 

    We’re also going to be releasing a sneak peek of the new weapon type sometime next week. So keep an eye out on the Arcadegeddon Discord and Socials!



    • Winter Themed Gilly’s Arcade
    • Winter Themed Weapon Tints
    • Winter Themed Cosmetics
      • Head in a Box
      • Arctic Ninja
      • Holiday Scarf
      • Snow Beanie
      • Headcicle
      • Yeti Gear
      • Ski Freeze
      • Holiday Sweater


    • Fixed an issue where the progress for the Infinite Adventures trophy was not tracking properly
    • Performance improvements and Crash Fixes for the PS4
    • Fixed an issue that was causing screen flashing on the PS4
    • Fixed an issue that was causing screen tearing on the PS4
    • Fixed an issue where map objectives would sometimes not initiate after finishing a PVP match in Adventure Mode


    Patch 1.4.1 (Hotfix)

    • Fixed an issue where map progression would lock while playing on dedicated servers under certain circumstances
  8. 1.03 Patch Notes.png

    New Content
    Spooky Cosmetics

    It's October and you know what that means! It's time for Gilly's to put up the Halloween decorations!

    We've also got some Halloween accessories and weapon tints to celebrate this spooky month.




    Hockey Season



    Hockey season is starting and we're excited for it! We've got two new hockey themed outfits and hats that you can wear so that you can support your favorite sport in-game and in real life. 

    If you like emotes, we've got some good news! There's one new hockey themed emote to show off your moves.
    Head over to Gilly's shop or the customization machine to check out these new Halloween and hockey themed cosmetics!



  9. ar_patchnotes forum 1.02.png

    Patch Notes 1.02


    You are now able to save your favorite outfits via the new loadouts system at the Customization Machine in Gilly’s! 

    With the introduction of the new loadouts system, there are five new NPCs that have arrived and are located at various locations throughout Gilly’s Arcade. These NPCs will be wearing the loadouts that you configure and can also be interacted with to quickly access their respective outfits.

    There are five unlockable loadout slots and each loadout, along with their respective NPC, are available at levels 1, 5, 15, 25, and 40

    Gilly's Shop
    Gilly’s shop can now be restocked at any time…. As long as you have the tickets!
    Each refresh of Gilly’s shop currently costs 100,000 20,000 tickets and there is no limit to the amount of times you refresh the shop.



    • Stability improvements and crash fixes in both Adventure Mode and PVP matches
    • Made improvements to performance
    • Made improvements to Peer to Peer stability
    • Fixed several issues where certain trophies were not unlocking properly
    • Made various improvements to the Tutorial including being able to speed up the dialogue

    Adventure Mode

    • Tickets and score are now applied at the end of each stage instead of the end of the run
    • Added a timer to Adventure Mode that automatically kicks a player from the game if they are idling for a certain period of time
      • Idle kick timer is paused while on the vendor tile
      • Idle kick timer is not active when playing while in a party or in singleplayer
    • Fixed several locations where Glitch Siphons were inaccessible
    • Fixed several locations on Hellscape that were dead ends
    • Added respawn locations to various parts of Aftermath to prevent the player from dying if they fell out of the map
    • Pandemonium game mode no longer scales with the player’s Adventure Mode difficulty level
    • Fixed an issue where players may sometimes spawn on the vendor tile instead of the previous level
    • Fixed an issue where the players were only able to see the last 7 digits of their score
      • This was causing problems for the pros who were reaching 10 million
    • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes able to teleport under the map by being too rough with empty chests
    • Fixed an issue where the combo meter would increase when failing to spawn AI from a surge gauntlet ability
    • Fixed an issue that caused sliding to behave improperly when sliding on certain terrain


    • The CEO’s shield now regenerates based on a timer instead of regenerating when reaching a certain threshold.
    • The CEO’s shield will still regenerate to full when reaching his second phase


    • Purchasing ammo at the vendor tile now also refills your magazine as well as your reserve ammo
    • Fixed an issue where weapon tints were not being applied to starter weapons
    • Fixed an issue where ammo pickups would sometimes not update on the UI until the player swapped weapons 
    • Addressed several issues that were causing weapon EXP to desync on the UI
      • There is still an issue that is causing the weapon EXP to desync when the player gets downed. However, this is purely a visual bug and does not affect your weapon EXP


    • Melter
      • Increased distance damage falloff rate
      • Reduced ignite damage
    • Ex Machina
      • Increased damage to the Ex Machina’s cluster bomb explosions
    • Overclocker
      • Increased damage
    • Eraser
      • Fixed an issue where the Eraser was not properly piercing through enemies


    • Hack pickups are now consistent between players
      • Players that are capped on that specific hack will see a different drop than everyone else
    • Fixed an issue where hacks were sometimes not appearing in the status screen after being purchased from the vendor tile even though the hack was still being applied


    • Titan’s Bane
      • Damage VS Bosses
        • OLD:  3|5|20|35|50 
        • NEW: 3|5|8|13|20
      • Titan’s Bane is now capped at 500%
    • Mighty
      • Ability Damage
        • OLD:  3|5|20|30|40
        • NEW: 3|5|8|13|20
      • Mighty is now capped at 200%
    • Splash Zone
      • Splash Damage Radius
        • OLD:  5|8|10|15|20
        • NEW: 3|5|8|13|20
      • Splash Zone is now capped at 100%

    Surge Gauntlet Abilities

    • Orbital Strike
      • Increased energy cost of Orbital Strike


    • Blood Pact 
      • Max Health Increase when using the Difficulty Altar
        • OLD:  3%|6%|10%
        • NEW: 2%|3%|5%
    • Daredevil
      • Damage Dealt
        • OLD:  2%|2.5%|3% 
        • NEW: 1.5%|2%|2.5%


  10. 1.01.1 Patch Notes Forums.png


    • Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, the boss would not spawn into the arena
      • If you encounter this issue or any issue similar to it, please let us know on the Arcadegeddon Discord. The team has worked hard this week to fix this issue, but it’s possible that there are still some edge cases that cause this issue. 
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not receive their ARCoins when purchasing them from Gilly
    • Implemented Xbox Series X account linking to EOS
    • Various crash fixes and stability improvements to Adventure Mode and PVP
    • Fixed an issue where players may sometimes not enter into Adventure Mode with the rest of their party
  11. ar_patchnotes 1.01 forum blue.png

    This hotfix is to address various crash fixes and to improve the situation in which bosses would sometimes not spawn.

    We implemented a fix that should alleviate the issue where the boss would sometimes not spawn when entering the boss arena. While this isn’t a perfect fix, players should encounter the issue less often (ideally never). We understand that encountering this issue is extremely frustrating and we thank you for your patience. The team has identified the problem and we are actively working to have this issue fixed as soon as possible. 

    We’ve gone through the top most reported crashes that players have encountered since patch 1.0 and we have implemented fixes for those crashes. This should vastly reduce the amount of crashes that players are experiencing and we will continue to monitor the situation. 

    It’s super helpful for the team when you are able to take the time and submit a crash report after experiencing a crash. These crash reports help us identify the issue and work on implementing a fix as quickly as possible.

    Because we wanted to get these fixes out to you all as soon as possible, it means that this patch will take some time to roll out onto every platform. This also means that players playing on a platform that has not received the patch yet, will be temporarily unable to connect to players on other platforms until they are also updated to Patch 1.01.

    Thank you all for your patience and support! There are more changes and fixes on the way and this is just the first of many. Your feedback and bug reports on the Arcadegeddon Discord have been immensely helpful and we very are excited to see the community grow!

  12. ar_patchnotes forum.png

    If you’re reading this: Gilly’s already flipped the switch. Arcadegeddon is online and ready to go! 

    Welcome to the full release of Arcadegeddon, Patch 1.0!

    Thank you all for sticking with us through a year of early access! We are incredibly excited for you to dive in and play the full game, and we’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences and feedback!

    For those of you who supported us throughout the baby steps of Arcadegeddon, you can find more info at the bottom of the patch notes about Early Access Rewards. 

    Early Access players have had all their progress reset and will be starting from the beginning with everyone else, but the cosmetics that were unlocked will still be kept!

    Arcadegeddon is now live on:

    • Epic Games Store

    • PS4 and PS5

    • Xbox Series X/S

    With this patch, we've introduced a whole lot of new changes. New VFX and SFX, new animations, performance improvements and bug fixes, and a whole lot of new content! We may not have listed everything in these patch notes, but rest assured, the world of Arcadegeddon has had some major changes!

    Keep reading for more info!




    New Content

    New Biome: Hellscape

    “Dive into the depths of Hellscape, the unknown origin of the corruption infecting all of Arcadegeddon. A fiery landscape sprawling with gothic structures, Data Daemons and FFC Troops, Hellscape is plagued by the mysterious virus slowly eating its way into every corner of the source code of Gilly’s machine.”


    New Surge Gauntlet Abilities:


    “Channel your inner monster and bulk up with the help of Flexy and Lexy. The wrestling legends can show you a thing or two about the luchador lifestyle. If brawling and bashing is your style then give the Pluggernaut a shot!”

    Major TomBot


    “Did somebody call for assistance? Major TomBot is on duty and rollin’ out much more than just flashy skins and epic emotes! From vendor to veteran, Major TomBot is here to join you on the battlefield!”



    Power Tokens 

    Arcade Tokens.png


    Introducing Power Tokens! Plugins and Surge Gauntlet abilities are now unlocked using these new Power Tokens.
    Obtain Power Tokens by leveling up and completing challenges from the various Gang Leaders hanging out at Gilly’s.

    Want to change up your load out, but you've already spent all your Power Tokens?
    No problem! You can reset your Power Tokens in the customization machine.


    Reset Power Token.png

    Plugin Tiers

    We've made some big changes to how Plugins work! 
    Plugins now have three available tiers that you can unlock. Every additional tier will increase the effectiveness of the Plugin. 

    Unlocking and Upgrading Plugins now costs Power Tokens, but unlocking Plugins still requires that you meet the level requirements

    New Plugin: Shield Discharger

    • Cause a small explosion that deals #/#/# damage when shield breaks

    Shield Discharger.png

    New Plugin: Massive

    • Cause a small explosion that deals #/#/# damage when landing from a jump or falling.


    Starter Weapon Rework

    Previously, Starter Weapons were unlocked and upgraded by killing a specific amount of enemies with that weapon.
    We wanted to refine the idea of having a progression system tied to the Starter Weapons and balance out the progression between different weapons.

    Starter Weapons are now leveled up by gaining weapon EXP instead of landing the killing blow on enemies. Weapon EXP can be earned by damaging enemies with your weapons. This includes dealing damage via elemental effects such as setting an enemy on fire with an Infernal weapon or the chain lightning effect from Surge weapons. Weapon EXP also scales with difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the more EXP you will earn!

    We’ve also introduced some QOL changes for Starter Weapons. Your current progression towards the next level for your Starter Weapon is now shown in-game on your weapon card while you are playing through Adventure Mode. Players no longer have to return to Gilly's to check their weapon progress every single time and can continue grinding with no worries!

    The UI for the weapons menu in the customization machine has also had some changes. Starter Weapons have been moved into it's own category and is no longer tied to the weapon customization and info tab.



    The Good Doctor2.pngParty Favor.png

    “Support for our supports!”

    The Good Doctor and Party Favor are now available as Starter Weapons.
    We wanted players to be able to provide more of a support role without having to go through multiple stages before they could play in their own style. The Good Doctor and Party Favor can be leveled up just like every other Starter Weapon and the weapon EXP can be gained by supporting your teammates!

    We've also made a big change to the Party Favor. 
    The Party Favor now deals damage to enemies.


    We’ve introduced two new Gangs with this patch.

    These new gang leaders have brought with them new missions to complete and outfits to unlock. 

    New Gang: PIN


    Leaders: Flexy & Lexy

    Strength and power! Titans of top rope Flexy & Lexy are the UNDEFEATED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF SUPER CITY – and don’t you forget it! These high-flying wrestlers run PIN, a stable of fighters in the ring, and the arcade. One time jobbers for Super City Wrestling, Flexy and Lexy turned heel, creating their own off-shoot organization within. Recently they discovered that their character rating in the Super City Wrestling (SCW) video game was only a measly 99 OUT OF 100. This is unacceptable! So they’ve decided to take their frustrations out on the gaming world, starting with Gilly’s.


    New Gang: H@X


    Leader: Wh1z

    A kid genius – and kind of a smartass – Wh1z is the leader of H@X and the esteemed president of his high school robotics club (of which he’s also the only member). Wh1z’s massive fandom for Gilly’s sidekick, TomBot, has drawn him to Gilly’s where he hopes to share his own homebrew tech inventions with his robo-hero.  



    New Premium Cosmetics - ARCoins

    Introducing five new Premium cosmetics that can be unlocked with the new currency ARCoins.
    These new premium outfits include various pieces with amazing visual effects that will dazzle both your enemies and your friends!

    Small, Medium, and Large packs of AR Coins are available for purchase today to unlock various cosmetics in Gilly's Arcade. Get your ARCoins and unlock your style today! ARCoins are consumable and players can purchase multiple packs at a time.



    Gilly’s Arcade

    Customization Overhaul

    Previously players could only customize around four different categories: Items, Head, Hair, and Body. Even with these limitations, you folks on the Arcadegeddon Discord have never ceased to amaze us with your awesome outfits. We've made some big changes to customization and we can’t wait to see what you do with even more options!

    Get ready to take your drip to a whole new level.

    We’ve broken down outfits and accessories into individual components! You can still rock entire outfits but now you can mix and match your fits to create a fit that fits you. 

    Clothing has been broken down into three categories: Torso, Legs, and Gauntlet.

    We’ve also split up “Items,” into multiple categories of accessories which includes: Facial Hair, Hats, Masks, Glasses, and Ear Wear.

    You can now also purchase cosmetics directly from the customization machine. However, you are only able to purchase cosmetics of a lower rarity in the customization machine and you will still have to check in with Gilly to see what he's got in stock if you want to purchase some of the rarer cosmetics.

    We've also got a whole lot of new cosmetics that can be unlocked!


    Customization menu draft 5.png

    “New Patch, New You”



    The customization overhaul doesn’t stop there! 
    Introducing stickers! Individualize certain tops with dope decals of all shapes, sizes and designs.



    We Gotta Fix Gilly’s!

    Thanks to the FFC, Gilly’s entire arcade is a mess! 
    It’s up to you and your squad to bring new life to this storied hangout.

    As you level up by playing Arcadegeddon you’ll also be helping Gilly fix up the place and build the Arcade that he’s always dreamed of.

    Gilly's progression 1280.png



    We introduced a cute CEO friend with the release of the Winter Update and now we're releasing the rest of them!

    There are now 50 new collectibles that you can unlock to liven up Gilly’s Arcade.
    Each collectible is unique and can be obtained by completing a full boss run (completing all the available bosses in a single playthrough).

    Collect all 51 collectibles and show it off to all your friends that join your lobby!

    Collectibles draft 1.png

    Tutorial Changes

    With all the changes and new content added into Arcadegeddon since the release of Early Access, we’ve decided to also make some tweaks to the tutorial. There are some additional explanations from Gilly and a new section in the tutorial specifically for the Customization Machine. 

    If you still need some tips and tricks that the tutorial didn't help you with, then join our Discord or ask it about it here on the Forum!




    Adventure Mode


    Boss Phases

    Boss Ready Fill.png

    “Wait.. what do you mean there’s another phase?”

    We introduced the second phase to each boss in a recent patch and now we're improving that system.
    Each boss now has some big changes when they hit their second phase. Whether it's an increase in damage or the abilities that they gain, you will have to watch out. The Mech Boss has also had some changes to her arena. Electricity now surges throughout the arena when she enters phase two!

    • The first boss you encounter in your boss runs will never have a second phase.
    • Boss health bars have been changed to make it easier to tell when you're entering the next phase
    • Bosses now have a special animation when entering phase two
    • Adjusted health for all bosses
    • The Mech and Data Daemon Fury now also have adds that spawn throughout the fight similar to the Data Daemon Prince and CEO
    • Adds for all boss fights will now spawn based on difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the stronger the enemies. 


    Boss Run 

    “To go even further beyond”

    We heard your feedback! Continue wreaking havoc and cleansing Arcadegeddon of the FFC as long as you please!

    After defeating all the available bosses, players can now choose to continue and extend their runs.


    New Enemy: Lootie

    Who doesn’t love a good punching bag? Lootie is a small and elusive Golden Sapper Bot that drops valuable loot, outshining even legendary chests!

    We couldn’t even capture an image of Lootie so we’ll leave it up to your imagination on what this cute little Sapper Bot actually looks like.


    New Enemy: Brute

    The brute is the latest addition to the Data Daemon roster. This brute-al beast is tanky, aggressive and packs a punch.

    You can find this hulking hellspawn phasing in at Difficulty 8 and above.

    Brute 1280png.png


    Unique Weapons

    In the Winter Update, we added some quality of life changes such as being able to refill your Unique weapons at the vendor tile.

    In this update, your Unique weapons will no longer be destroyed when you run out of ammo. Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your weapon at low ammo to top off at TomBot’s.



    “Ultimate Bragging Rights”

    Here are rewards for the best of the best! If you place in the top of the leaderboards, you’ll now receive a crown depending on your placement.
    These crowns will be shown above your head when running through Adventure Mode and you'll be able show off your achievement to all your friends.

    There are three types of crowns; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. You will also permanently unlock their respective stickers when you receive the crown.
    So dive into in Adventure Mode and start working on those high scores!

    Leaderboards now have pages! We’ve updated the boards so you can scroll around to see more than just the top few players.


    “Shuffle [On]"

    Previously each biome had a set playlist. Even with Arcadegeddon’s one of a kind music, the same tracks playing in order every time can make music feel repetitive.

    We’ve also added new tracks to Arcadegeddon! Which new track is your favorite?




    Early Access 

    As a thank you for supporting Arcadegeddon throughout its infancy, we’re giving early access supporters a big ol’ thank-you-bundle which includes:

    • IllFanatic Outfit
    • Arcade Angel Hair
    • Gilly’s Golden Altar
    • Currency Boost 
    • 5 Days of Double EXP


    • Fixed an issue where the Scotsman had identical tints unlocked when progressing through weapon feats
    • Fixed an issue where the Data Daemon Fury would sometimes phase through walls when performing its charge attack
    • Fixed an issue in Mystic Isles where a Glitch Siphon may sometimes spawn behind a wall
  14. On 3/18/2022 at 4:47 PM, Xanodia said:

    any chance at a shoulder swap key? :D

    We have it noted down as a suggestion!



    On 3/19/2022 at 8:40 AM, Not A Real Name said:

    Is there any way to turn off boss run? I would like to fight more bosses but I find it impossible to do so after fighting the fourth one.

    For now, the only way to continue a run is to forgo doing the last boss. You can keep track of how many bosses you've currently done in the Hacks menu. 
    We're still working on the feature so check in during the next patch to see what it's like then!

  15. IkWgH47.png
    New Content

    New Biome: Spark City


    New Boss and Boss Arena : Data Daemon Fury


    Boss System Update

    We've made some changes to the Adventure mode's boss run system.

    Previously, Adventure mode only had two ways to end a run. Either hit the "End Run" button or run out of continue tokens and fail the run. Now in Patch 0.4.0, players can complete the run by defeating every single available boss once.

    We've added a new UI element on your scoreboard to keep track of all the bosses that you have defeated and how many you have left


    We've also introduced a new section in the Leaderboards (Daily and Weekly) for those who have defeated all the bosses.


    Once you've "won" in Adventure mode, you will also obtain the newest addition to Gilly's Arcade.


    This is the CEO collectible and he's the only one available for now.

    Isn't he cute?


    Difficulty Selection


    You can now choose the difficulty for the start of your Adventure run! 

    For higher difficulty levels, you can unlock them by leveling up for a more challenging start.

    Difficulty selection is only available if you choose the "Start Run" option and not the "Find Players" option.

    Starter Weapons and Weapon Feats


    You can now choose which non-unique weapon you would like to start with for each Adventure run! Every non-unique weapon now has a progression system that allows you to increase the rarity of the weapon you would like to start with. Once you complete all the feats for a specific weapon, you can even start a run with a legendary version of that weapon! Completing the weapon feats will also unlock an awesome tint for that specific weapon.

    Navigate to the Weapons section in the customization menu to start checking out the new Starter Weapons and Weapon Feats system.

    New Weapons

    We've got two new weapons coming out this patch!

    The Lobber 

    The Lobber is tough to aim but can deal high damage and with the grenade splash, you're sure to hit something.



    Lance Cannon

    With good accuracy and range, the Lance Cannon launches a spear-tipped bolt that will make pin cushions out of your enemies


    New Plugin: Blood Pact



    Controller Remapping now available!


    Hack rebalancing and changes

    Players running through Adventure mode will find that there are more Hack rarity options than before!

    We've also made certain hacks no longer have an upper limit to the amount of times you can stack them. For example, if you were lucky enough to pick up enough Titan's Banes(maybe a hundred, I'm a community manager I'm not doing the math), it may be possible to one shot a boss.

    Many hacks have had their numbers tweaked to reflect these changes.

    New Emotes

    These three new emotes are now available for purchase at Gilly's Arcade!

    • Break Dance
    • Waltz
    • Moon Magic

    Changes and Bug Fixes

    Adventure Mode

    • Decreased amount of  enemy AI that spawns and increased the health to enemy AI 
    • Ammo for Unique weapons can now be refilled at the vendor tile
    • Biomes will no longer repeat until you have cycled through all the biomes
    • Added more stats that contribute to the MVP award at the end of each stage
    • Turrets no longer have a spot that triggers critical hits
    • Entering a new stage no longer refills your HP to full
    • The Indiscriminator now deals higher damage with higher rarities
    • Automatic weapons that do not have the overheat feature will no longer automatically reload when out of ammo
    • Slightly increased damage for Surge weapons
    • Updated VFX for gauntlet abilities, Orbital Strike and Tiny Tornado 
    • Reduced the hitbox for the gauntlet ability, Fireball
    • Grenades no longer deal impact damage to enemies (Only explosion damage!)
    • Moon Shoes Hack has been removed. RIP Moon Shoes
    • Reduced the Data Daemon Prince's health
    • Increased the Data Daemon Prince's damage taken from critical hits 
    • Reduced the score thresholds for boss encounters
    • Added a new effect to the Flee plugin that activates when Flee has been triggered
    • Polished the Minigun firing loop animation
    • Polished Pay2Live lighting effects so it looks better!

    Gilly's Arcade

    • The inhabitants of Gilly's Arcade now speak English instead of their unique Arcadegeddon language
    • The UI for the character customization menu has had an overhaul. Check it out!


    • Reduced the shotgun damage in Glitchball

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing issues for players searching for a match on dedicated servers
    • Fixed an issue where PS5 players with linked accounts may sometimes crash when connecting to a dedicated server
    • Fixed an issue where HUD elements were sometimes not properly displaying during cross-play matches
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing PS5 players from rejoining a lobby after disconnecting from it
    • Fixed an issue that could cause issues if the player was switching weapons when entering the exit portal
    • Fixed an issue where players would not show up in the "Manage Players" menu if they are on a different platform
    • UI now properly updates when swapping through controller presets in the Settings menu


  16. 195824815_ar_patchnotes_transparent-forum-0.3.2.png.86e7530564204e3e68bc440cc9c19282.png

    • Fixed an issue where players could end up being the only player in the match after queueing up at the Standalone Battle Mode Machine
    • Fixed an issue where Crossplay Invites would occasionally result in a crash or freeze
    • Fixed an edge case that would cause players to drop from a party while matchmaking and end up in a matchmaking queue loop
    • Fixed an issue where players were not able to mute players that are on a different platform


  17. ar_patchnotes_forum-transparent-0.3.1.png.6d5418678adbaf394b583d8b514c4137.png


    • Fixed an issue with localization not being available
      • Localization now available! For more information, check out Patch 0.3.0.
    • Fixed an issue where the player could receive double ticket rewards at the end of a run


    Known Issues

    • When queueing to find players with the Standalone Battle Mode Machine you can occasionally load into the match by yourself
  18. arpatchnotesv2s.png.11da5a0da7b2b18704cfb6d5e9e0b919.png
    New Content

    The PS5 and Epic Game Store Players can now connect to one another either via an Epic Online Service linked account or randomly in Find Players

    Dedicated Servers
    Find players matches will now occur on Dedicated Servers

    We currently have localization in for the following languages

    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Korean
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Brazilian Portuguese

    A first pass of localization is in which should cover about 80% of the current content

    (Localization is Temporarily Unavailable)

    Offline Mode
    You can now enter Gilly’s and play offline in a solo run

    • Currently you can only start runs, there is no offline profile that levels up and you do not have access to gang challenges, TomBot challenges, etc.

    New Tracks Added to the Game's Soundtrack

    Combo System
    You can now gain sim score multipliers for chaining together actions within a given time. If the combo timer expires your multiplier is reset.
    Increase your sim scores and push the Leaderboards with our new combo system!

    New Daily Challenges


    TomBot now offers 3 challenges to players everyday!

    • Players do not have to interact with TomBot to receive them, they will be automatically added to your objectives each day. You will need to talk to TomBot to turn them in to get your rewards


    New Character Customization Progression: Plugins


    Add some oomph to your arsenal by applying powerups to your character. Want more hit points? Apply Spongy to your Plugin Loadout. Want to cause explosions when you melee? Apply Boom Fist to your Plugin Loadout

    • New Slots and Plugins unlock based on your account level and alter the way you play the game
    • Located in the Customization Kiosk in Gilly’s Arcade Loadout


    New Biome: Downtown


    New Boss & Boss Arena: Data Demon Prince


    New Enemy Unit: Data Demon Witch


    The Data Demon Witch is a new support enemy unit which can start spawning at Difficulty 10.
    The Data Demon Witch can Buff and Heal other enemies while also firing projectiles at the players.

    New PvP Mode: King of the Hill
    Cap and Contest control points that shift position after a team gains control of it

    Daily Leaderboards
    Want another Daily goal to reach? We now have Daily Leaderboards for each party size to go along with the weekly.

    Look to the sky
    As the difficulty increases, the skybox now reflects the increase in chaos as more enemies spawn and the levels increase in size

    New Cosmetics

    • 1 New Outfit: Skelly
    • 5 New Cosmetics
    • More Tints added to existing Cosmetics

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the player lost character control after turning in a quest
    • Fixed issues where players were not canceled out of emotes when they switch player states to Death, Downed or Stunned
    • Fixed an issue where an emote animation would get stuck if performed while transitioning out of a weapon action like reloading
    • Fixed issues where players were not canceled out of Surge Ability Targeting when they switch player states to Death, Downed or Stunned
    • Fixed an issue where a players info card would not appear during a Battle Mode Intro
    • Fixed an issue where Leaderboard Placement would show the wrong placement for the Weekly Leaderboards
    • Numerous Performance Optimizations

    Balance Changes & Misc Adjustments

    • General
      • Boss fights are now on random no repeat as well to prevent getting the same boss back to back
      • Falling damage and hazards now deal damage directly to HP
      • Made a number of mix adjustments to the games overall soundscape.
      • Adjusted the layout of items for sale in Gilly’s to have consistent formatting between base items and tints whether they are weapon tints or cosmetic tints
    • Gang Challenges
      • Replaced the Multiplayer centric Gang Challenges from the base Gangs in Gilly's (Royale still only offers Multiplayer based challenges)
    • PVP
      • Increased the Freeze Damage on the Frosty Fraggins Shotgun (Glitch Ball Game Mode only)
    • Weapons
      • Gillytine
        • No longer provides the player with an extra jump when using the secondary attack
      • Ex Machina
        • Clusters that spawn after the initial impact now maintain the same momentum as the initial projectile rather than go in random directions
        • Increased Damage
      • Slugger
        • Updated the equip and swing animations


    Known Issues

    • Players have to Return to their own Gilly's to Turn In Daily Challenges
      • You currently cannot turn in Daily Challenges from a Party Leaders/Hosts Gilly’s instance unless you are the Party Leader


  19. New Weapon

    • Gillytine


    New Cosmetics

    • 5 New Hairstyles
    • 350+ New tints for available cosmetics


    • A large number of memory and performance optimizations

    General Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Spectating in the Standalone Battle Mode Machine was not working properly
    • Fixed several locations in Aftermath where players would take damage from acid pools that were not visible
    • Fixed an issue where certain PvP maps were not in the Standalone Battle Mode Machine
    • Fixed an issue where the Doom Ball Audio would sometimes play over and over again in confined spaces
    • Fixed an issue where the Doom Ball could sometimes bounce infinitely
    • Fixed an issue where everyone in match could hear the overheat audio from Infernal weapons
    • Fixed a number of instances where projectiles were impacting on items that they shouldn't be impacting
    • Fixed an issue where the emote wheel would not close if the player was downed or died while the menu was up
    • Fixed a large number of areas where players could get out of a level or traverse to areas they shouldn't
    • Fixed several tint icons that were incorrect 
    • Adjusted several tints that were too similar in color to one another
    • Fixed an issue where the Party Favor was incorrectly doing damage to enemies
      • The Party Favor was never supposed to be doing damage to enemies and this is a bug fix rather than a balance change
    • Fixed a several issues related to selecting, purchasing, and previewing cosmetics to from Gilly
    • Fixed several locations that could cause the player to become stuck while sliding
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to slide through stuns (such as the Spark Balls in Nerve Center)
    • Fixed several issues related to the AI Spawner sometimes not spawning enemies or spawning the incorrect enemies 
    • Fixed several random level seeds that would have certain areas loop infinitely
    • Fixed several chests spawn locations that players were unable to reach
    • Fixed an issue where player weapons would sometimes appear at their feet during boss cinematics
    • Fixed an issue where the host would see the Boss Fight ready on level load (when the Boss Fight was not yet actually ready)
  20. New Items

    • Stand Alone Battle Mode Machine
      • Players can now enter a PvP only mode via the Battle Mode Machine in Gilly’s Arcade.
      • Players will compete in a set number of consecutive PvP Arenas which accrue points to the end to declare a single winner.
    • Royale - The Leader of the FTW Gang is now hanging at Gilly’s Arcade. 
      • Royale offers a new set of challenges and cosmetic unlocks centered around the new Battle Mode Machine.
      • She also offers the new Gauntlet Ability, Doom Ball.
    • New Surge Gauntlet Ability - Doom Ball
      • The Doom Ball surge gauntlet ability allows the player to fire off Doom Balls for a short amount of time. The balls are fired in an arc and bounce off what they hit, doing large amounts of damage and knockback to each enemy they come into contact with.
      • The ability is timed and can be fired repeatedly until the timer expires. The player cannot weapon swap while it's active and will automatically swap to the last equipped weapon once the timer expires.
    • Emotes
      • Players can now equip and use emotes in game to taunt AI but also taunt your friends in PvP.
      • Players can place 4 emotes in their emote loadout to use in game. 6 are unlocked by default and an additional 7 can be found to purchase in the vendor.
    • 2 New Weapons
      • Party Favor
        • The Party Favor overcharges an allies shield, while also granting a damage output buff. It fires a steady stream of projectiles that home to the nearest friendly target, building up their shield to a larger overcharge cap over time and granting a large damage output boost as long as they are under its influence.
        • The Party Favor is considered a Special Weapon and cannot be refilled with ammo.
      • Scotsman
        • The Scotsman fires proximity triggered mines that stick to the environment and detonate once an enemy is within close range.
        • Certain objectives and destructibles will auto trigger the detonation.
    • 9 New Adventure Mode Tiles
      • 3 for Each of the Existing Biomes Nerve Center, Mystic Isles, and Aftermath.
    • 5 New PvP Arenas
      • 2 New Block Breakers Arenas
      • 1 New Pandemonium Arena
      • 1 New Team deathmatch Arena
      • 1 New Free for All Arena
    • 20 New Cosmetics
      • All available in the Vendor with tints unlocking after getting the base item.
    • 2 New Outfits Available in the Vendor
    • Cosmetic Previews in the Vendor
      • You can now see a representation of the item you are buying before purchasing.
    • Controls
      • Keyboard and Mouse Input Customization
        • Customize your key binds on Keyboard and Mouse.
          • Bindings for Controllers are still being worked on.
      • Separated out ADS sensitivity from normal sensitivity
    • Stop, Drop and Roll
      • Players that are ignited are now able to roll to extinguish themselves

    Fixes and Optimizations

    • Biomes
      • General
        • Continued fixes and improvements to tiles for gameplay and performance.
        • The timer to enter a boss fight has been changed to now consistently take 10 seconds for every biome.
        • Fixed a number of areas that AI could get stuck and not jump up or down towards the players.
        • Fixed a number of areas the players could get stuck in Gilly’s and in Adventure Mode.
      • Nerve Center
        • Destructible Blocks no longer respawn on the End Tile with the Glitch Core objective.
    • Tutorial
      • Fixed an issue where if the player picks up the Hack from the chest prior to the text prompt the tutorial could break.
    • Battle Modes
      • Fixed an issue where players could respawn without cosmetics after Tile Drop.
    • Players
      • Fixed an issue where jumping during high latency situations would cause the player to excessively rubberband.
      • The downed timer has been been reduced to 30 seconds from 50 seconds
    • Adventure Mode
      • Player inventories will now be saved to the moment when they die rather than resetting to what was present at the last checkpoint.
      • The run timer is now paused when airlocked in the Vendor Tile.
      • Fixed an issue where the Boss Meter would appear as filled for the Host of a match when initially jumping to a new stage.
      • FunFunCo will stop injecting enemies into the simulation if players remain on the same tile for an extended period of time.
      • FunFunCo has also adjusted where in the simulation certain enemies will appear
        • Minigun and Flamethrower Defense Drones show up at earlier difficulties.
        • BDE9000 Elite Trooper shows up at earlier difficulties.
        • Heavy Drone Troopers show up at later difficulties.
    • Weapons
      • Fixed an issue with a number of weapons where the projectiles would pass through enemies at close range.
    • Surge Gauntlet Abilities
      • Orbital Strike
        • Now hits everything in the radius rather than doing Line of Sight traces, which can sometimes be blocked by enemies, destructibles, and the environment.
    • Bosses
      • General
        • Bosses now get status effect damage at a lesser rate than normal AI.
      • Mech Boss
        • Adjusted firing behavior based on the player breaking line of sight with the boss.
        • The boss now awards Surge Energy at certain health thresholds.
    • Challenges
      • General
        • Matching Gang Icons now appear on your Challenge Tracker in Gilly’s so you know which Gang Leader to go to.
    • In Game HUD
      • Weapons now have a Weapon Type Icon associated with them
      • Fixed an issue where if you died by suicide it would show “KillerName” in the kill feed instead of your name.
    • Cosmetics
      • BDE-9000
        • Fixed the Red Tint to actually be Red.
  21. Patch Notes 0.1.4

    Patch 0.1.4 will be going live tomorrow!
    Check out what to expect in tomorrow's patch here!

    Patch 0.1.4 is now live!
    We've got lot's of fun stuff in this patch and it's not even the Summer Patch yet!

    Patch 0.1.4 New Feature Highlights

    • Solo Players are now able to pause the game
    • FFC Troopers have been seen looting chests throughout the simulation...be warned!
      • Added enemy variants to the game that are equipped with unique weapons and status effect weapons
      • Enemies have distinct tints depending on the kind of weapons they carry and elemental damage they inflict
      • Default textures for many of the enemies have been updated in order to differentiate between the default enemy tints and the variant enemy tints
    • TomBot has added a variety of new things to his mid stage Vendor Shop
      • TomBot now sells a single Hack at each stage for each player
      • TomBot can now offer Unique Weapons for sale
      • The Arcadegeddon Leaderboard is now in the Vendor tile for people to check scores mid run


    • [PS5] Motion Blur can now be toggled On/Off in the settings menu
    • Friends list, Discord, etc. will now correctly displays the game being played as “Arcadegeddon” instead of “Arcade-Shipping”
    • Matchmaking queue will now be cancelled when someone leaves the party
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to over scroll the Leaderboards list
    • Fixed a number of missing names on various tints offered by Gilly in the Arcade
    • Fixed an issue where the cosmetics purchase screen would freeze if making a purchase just as the refresh timer expired


    • Animation polish of the jump to sprint transition
    • Adjusted the fade out distance on friendly character highlights
    • Adjusted the outline thickness of other players
    • Increased the size of the low health warning on the HUD and gave it a pulse
    • Adjusted the double jump VFX
    • Adjusted the logic used to determine if the player can get up from a slide. 
      • This alleviates a majority of the weird slide stuck spots
    • Fixed an issue where the player’s momentum would be lost when initiating a slide 
    • Fixed an issue where player names above players heads would appear as black
    • Fixed an issue where there were holes in the back of certain head cosmetics
    • Fixed an issue where you could see hair cosmetics while in ADS
    • Fixed an issue where the low health effects would persist even after healing when spectating a player

    Adventure Mode

    • General
      • Solo Players are now able to pause the game
      • Battlemodes now have color coded nameplates for Team Composition
      • TomBot has added a variety of new things to his mid stage vendor shop
        • TomBot now sells a single Hack at each stage for each player
        • TomBot can now offer Unique Weapons for sale
        • The Arcadegeddon Leaderboard is now in the vendor tile for people to check scores mid run
      • Polish and Optimization to all tiles; this includes updates to lighting, assets, and textures
        • We’re always working on the polish and optimization of the tiles. It’s an ongoing process!
      • Gameplay Tips now show up in the Hack Menu
      • Reduced the cost of the difficulty machine at lower difficulties
      • Players that use a continue token will now revive with the loadout they died with instead of the loadout they had at the last checkpoint (stage start or mid vendor Tile)
      • Added messaging for when players are revived at the vendor shop
      • Pay2Live Machine now says “Revive” if the player is downed
      • Updated UI alert for completing a challenge to differentiate between Main and Optional challenges
      • Added Icons on teammate’s health bars for low health, downed, and dead
      • Increased the requirements of filling the Boss Meter at higher difficulties
      • Fixed an issue where the run would not end in cases where the player did not have enough coins to revive themselves or continue
      • Fixed an issue where players could revive their teammates while sliding
      • Fixed an issue where the Give Up meter continues to visually fill after the player has let go of the button.
      • Fixed an issue where the Pay2Live location icon would appear in locations that the player could not access
      • Fixed an issue where the most recently picked up hack would sometimes appear when returning from Battle Mode
    • Enemies
      • General
        • Reduced the fire rate on the elemental turrets
        • FFC Troopers have been seen looting chests throughout the simulation… be warned!
          • Added enemy variants to the game that are equipped with unique weapons and status effect weapons
          • Enemies have distinct tints depending on the kind of weapons they carry and elemental damage they inflict
          • Default textures for many of the enemies have been updated in order to differentiate between the default enemy tints and the variant enemy tints
    • Bosses
      • General
        • Fixed an issue with Boss Anomalies not showing up when not having Epic video options set
        • Fixed an issue with the pickup pedestals despawning health/energy/ammo pickups and never respawning them
      • FFC Mech
        • Fixed a collision issue that caused the boss to get stuck in the central pillar
      • CEO
        • The CEO Boss will now use its evasive behavior to get out of the way of large amounts of incoming damage
        • He now teleports away when being dealt a large amount of damage quickly.
        • Fixed an issue where the CEO would sometimes teleport out of the Arena
        • The Invulnerable banner now only appears when the CEO is actually in an invulnerable phase (while recharging his shield after it is broken)
        • Fixed an issue where if the player is at close range and in ADS, the CEO’s head will not be visible
    • Nerve Center
      • Fixed an issue where the player could slide under staircases in certain tiles
      • Fixed an issue where the player could spawn on top of an incinerator hazard
      • Moved Boss Anomaly Spawns away from Hazards
    • Mystic Isles
      • Fixed a rare layout that would wrap in on itself
      • Fixed some AI navigation issues that occured on the longer bridges


    • General
      • Reduced hip/fire accuracy for all Sniper Rifles
      • Fixed an issue where players that were full on ammo could still pick it up and steal it from teammates
    • Demolisher Weapons
      • Master Blaster 
        • Increased base damage from (32/35/37/40/50) to (34/38/44/51/60)
    • Infernal Weapons
      • General
        • Fixed jittery overheat bars on clients
    • Miligrade Weapons
      • General
        • Unified crit damage for all Miligrade weapons (1.75x/1.8x/1.9x/2x/2.25x)
      • Outlaw
        • Adjusted base damage from (140/150/165/188/232) to (160/170/185/205/220)
        • Reduced magazine size from (7/9/12/15/18) to (5/6/8/10/12)
        • Adjusted the reload animation
        • Fixed an issue with damage falloff adding a 1.2x multiplier to all damage
    • Surge Weapons
      • General
        • Rebalanced the Surge Weapons to focus more on crowd control 
        • Surge weapons now stun on the initial hit regardless of the quality level 
        • Stun duration now scales with quality
        • Reduced shock chain damage
        • Lowered the amount of hits required to stun enemies through shock chains
      • Overclocker  
        • Reduced base damage from (163/175/187/199/211) to (60/100/145/190/210)
      • Power Surge 
        • Reduced base damage from (125/132/139/146/155) to (50/70/90/110/130)
      • Shocker  
        • Reduced base damage from (100/115/130/150/180) to (50/60/70/80/90)
    • Zerocool Weapons
      • Frosty Fraggins
        • Reduced base damage from (50/75/100/150/300) to (50/70/100/140/200)
        • Increased freeze status damage from (120/140/160/180/200) to (120/165/210/255/300)
      • Long Winter
        • Reduced base damage from (100/110/120/150/180) to (50/70/90/110/130)
        • Increased freeze status damage from (100/110/120/130/140) to (100/110/130/150/170)
      • Cold Shoulder 
        • Added falloff for freeze status splash damage
        • Reduced freeze status damage from (300/400/500/600/700) to (300/350/400/450/500)
    • Unique Weapons
      • General
        • Nameplates for Unique Weapons now have a rainbow border to differentiate them from the normal weapons
        • Added a “No Ammo Refill” note on the weapon tooltips for all Unique Weapons
      • Slugger
        • The Slugger now has a durability associated with it and will break after the durability is spent
          • Durability can be seen where your Ammo count is on the UI.
          • This change does not affect the Slugger you are equipped with by default
        • Adjusted swing animation
      • Particle Smasher
        • Fixed an issue where projectiles would not display when in any other video settings other than Epic

    Surge Gauntlet Abilities

    • General
      • You can now swap Surge Gauntlet Abilities between the two active loadout slots
      • Fixed a bug where you could have the same ability equipped in both ability slots


    • Critmaster
      • Reduced hack percentages per rarity (Rare, Epic, Legendary) from (20/25/30) to (10/15/20)
    • One Hander
      • Reduced hack percentages per rarity (Rare, Epic, Legendary) from (20/25/30) to (10/15/20)


    • Added Font Coloring for Voice to Text Subtitles
    • Added Dark and Light Background Options for the Voice to text Subtitles
    • Added an Opacity Slider for the Voice to Text Subtitles Background


    • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when the player would use the interaction button
    • Fixed a rare crash related to the player being damaged
    • Fixed a rare crash related to destroying frozen enemies
    • Fixed a rare crash that crash that occurred during the After Action Report
    • Fixed a rare crash that occurred during cinematics
    • Fixed a rare crash related to the homing projectiles from Nano Weapons
    • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when applying a tint to the Light Gun
    • Fixed a rare crash related to the client leaving the game at certain times
    • Fixed a crash related to the Overclocker weapon
    • Fixed a crash related to ragdoll cleanup
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when cancelling matchmaking
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when disconnecting the controller on the PS5


  22. Added AMD FSR 1.0

    • PS5 - Enabled AMD FSR 1.0 + TAAU Hybrid Upscaling by default
    • PC - Added upscaling options including AMD FSR 1.0 and TAAU

    Balance Changes

    • Increased the Inflation time with the Pixel Popper on the Heavy Trooper
    • Adjusted the aggro and enemy target evaluation times on the Heavy Trooper to prevent them from trying to change targets too frequently


    Bug Fixes

    • [PC]  Added a Max Framerate Options to the Video Settings
    • [PS5] Fixed an issue where PS+ was required for solo runs
    • Optimized texture streaming pool
    • Fixed an issue with the tutorial challenge "Get into the Game" not being completed if done while in a party
      • For those in a broken state, initiate a run either solo or in a party and it should complete automatically when you get back to Gilly’s
    • Fixed an issue with the HUD requesting to Apply Changes in Settings when no changes have been made
    • Fixed an issue with Simulation Scores not being promoted to the appropriate Leaderboard when someone has left the run prior to the remaining team finishing the run
    • Fixed an issue where the HUD would not appear when loading into a Boss Fight
    • Fixed a general HUD data crash
    • Fixed a crash related to stuns from Shock Weapons and Electro Balls in Nerve Center
    • Fixed a crash related to burning and freeze status effects
    • Fixed a crash related to players taking damage
    • Fixed a crash related to  weapon data replication
    • Fixed a null targeting crash
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