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Patch Notes 1.04


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1.04 Patch Notes (T).png

It’s already the last month of 2022 and we’re planning to end this year with some holiday cheer!

Gilly'sEntrance 1080.jpg

Gilly has been busy this past month running around the Arcade to put up some fancy Holiday decorations!
Though if you take a look around the Arcade, you may notice that he may have been too busy to shovel the snow….


Gilly also has a variety of new winter themed cosmetics and weapons tints available in his shop and in the customization machine. Make sure to hop into the Arcade and start collecting some tickets soon because these cosmetics and weapon tints will only be available for purchase until January. Grab them while you can! 
However, there’s no need to worry about your winter themed cosmetics and weapon tints becoming unavailable after purchasing them. You’ll keep what you buy even after they become unpurchaseable. 

Seriously though, check out those weapon tints, they’re really cool. 
Winter Weapon Tint Preview v4.gif
If you’re interested in what’s coming up for Arcadegeddon, then make sure to join us on next week’s stream on Tuesday, Dec 13th at Twitch.tv/IllFonic. We’ll be joined by IllFonic’s Tech Director, Dan, to talk a bit about what he and the team have been working on. Don’t miss it! 

We’re also going to be releasing a sneak peek of the new weapon type sometime next week. So keep an eye out on the Arcadegeddon Discord and Socials!



  • Winter Themed Gilly’s Arcade
  • Winter Themed Weapon Tints
  • Winter Themed Cosmetics
    • Head in a Box
    • Arctic Ninja
    • Holiday Scarf
    • Snow Beanie
    • Headcicle
    • Yeti Gear
    • Ski Freeze
    • Holiday Sweater


  • Fixed an issue where the progress for the Infinite Adventures trophy was not tracking properly
  • Performance improvements and Crash Fixes for the PS4
  • Fixed an issue that was causing screen flashing on the PS4
  • Fixed an issue that was causing screen tearing on the PS4
  • Fixed an issue where map objectives would sometimes not initiate after finishing a PVP match in Adventure Mode


Patch 1.4.1 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed an issue where map progression would lock while playing on dedicated servers under certain circumstances
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