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Patch Notes 1.02


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Patch Notes 1.02


You are now able to save your favorite outfits via the new loadouts system at the Customization Machine in Gilly’s! 

With the introduction of the new loadouts system, there are five new NPCs that have arrived and are located at various locations throughout Gilly’s Arcade. These NPCs will be wearing the loadouts that you configure and can also be interacted with to quickly access their respective outfits.

There are five unlockable loadout slots and each loadout, along with their respective NPC, are available at levels 1, 5, 15, 25, and 40

Gilly's Shop
Gilly’s shop can now be restocked at any time…. As long as you have the tickets!
Each refresh of Gilly’s shop currently costs 100,000 20,000 tickets and there is no limit to the amount of times you refresh the shop.



  • Stability improvements and crash fixes in both Adventure Mode and PVP matches
  • Made improvements to performance
  • Made improvements to Peer to Peer stability
  • Fixed several issues where certain trophies were not unlocking properly
  • Made various improvements to the Tutorial including being able to speed up the dialogue

Adventure Mode

  • Tickets and score are now applied at the end of each stage instead of the end of the run
  • Added a timer to Adventure Mode that automatically kicks a player from the game if they are idling for a certain period of time
    • Idle kick timer is paused while on the vendor tile
    • Idle kick timer is not active when playing while in a party or in singleplayer
  • Fixed several locations where Glitch Siphons were inaccessible
  • Fixed several locations on Hellscape that were dead ends
  • Added respawn locations to various parts of Aftermath to prevent the player from dying if they fell out of the map
  • Pandemonium game mode no longer scales with the player’s Adventure Mode difficulty level
  • Fixed an issue where players may sometimes spawn on the vendor tile instead of the previous level
  • Fixed an issue where the players were only able to see the last 7 digits of their score
    • This was causing problems for the pros who were reaching 10 million
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes able to teleport under the map by being too rough with empty chests
  • Fixed an issue where the combo meter would increase when failing to spawn AI from a surge gauntlet ability
  • Fixed an issue that caused sliding to behave improperly when sliding on certain terrain


  • The CEO’s shield now regenerates based on a timer instead of regenerating when reaching a certain threshold.
  • The CEO’s shield will still regenerate to full when reaching his second phase


  • Purchasing ammo at the vendor tile now also refills your magazine as well as your reserve ammo
  • Fixed an issue where weapon tints were not being applied to starter weapons
  • Fixed an issue where ammo pickups would sometimes not update on the UI until the player swapped weapons 
  • Addressed several issues that were causing weapon EXP to desync on the UI
    • There is still an issue that is causing the weapon EXP to desync when the player gets downed. However, this is purely a visual bug and does not affect your weapon EXP


  • Melter
    • Increased distance damage falloff rate
    • Reduced ignite damage
  • Ex Machina
    • Increased damage to the Ex Machina’s cluster bomb explosions
  • Overclocker
    • Increased damage
  • Eraser
    • Fixed an issue where the Eraser was not properly piercing through enemies


  • Hack pickups are now consistent between players
    • Players that are capped on that specific hack will see a different drop than everyone else
  • Fixed an issue where hacks were sometimes not appearing in the status screen after being purchased from the vendor tile even though the hack was still being applied


  • Titan’s Bane
    • Damage VS Bosses
      • OLD:  3|5|20|35|50 
      • NEW: 3|5|8|13|20
    • Titan’s Bane is now capped at 500%
  • Mighty
    • Ability Damage
      • OLD:  3|5|20|30|40
      • NEW: 3|5|8|13|20
    • Mighty is now capped at 200%
  • Splash Zone
    • Splash Damage Radius
      • OLD:  5|8|10|15|20
      • NEW: 3|5|8|13|20
    • Splash Zone is now capped at 100%

Surge Gauntlet Abilities

  • Orbital Strike
    • Increased energy cost of Orbital Strike


  • Blood Pact 
    • Max Health Increase when using the Difficulty Altar
      • OLD:  3%|6%|10%
      • NEW: 2%|3%|5%
  • Daredevil
    • Damage Dealt
      • OLD:  2%|2.5%|3% 
      • NEW: 1.5%|2%|2.5%


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