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Patch Notes 1.01 Hotfix


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This hotfix is to address various crash fixes and to improve the situation in which bosses would sometimes not spawn.

We implemented a fix that should alleviate the issue where the boss would sometimes not spawn when entering the boss arena. While this isn’t a perfect fix, players should encounter the issue less often (ideally never). We understand that encountering this issue is extremely frustrating and we thank you for your patience. The team has identified the problem and we are actively working to have this issue fixed as soon as possible. 

We’ve gone through the top most reported crashes that players have encountered since patch 1.0 and we have implemented fixes for those crashes. This should vastly reduce the amount of crashes that players are experiencing and we will continue to monitor the situation. 

It’s super helpful for the team when you are able to take the time and submit a crash report after experiencing a crash. These crash reports help us identify the issue and work on implementing a fix as quickly as possible.

Because we wanted to get these fixes out to you all as soon as possible, it means that this patch will take some time to roll out onto every platform. This also means that players playing on a platform that has not received the patch yet, will be temporarily unable to connect to players on other platforms until they are also updated to Patch 1.01.

Thank you all for your patience and support! There are more changes and fixes on the way and this is just the first of many. Your feedback and bug reports on the Arcadegeddon Discord have been immensely helpful and we very are excited to see the community grow!

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