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Patch Notes 1.0 - Full Launch!


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If you’re reading this: Gilly’s already flipped the switch. Arcadegeddon is online and ready to go! 

Welcome to the full release of Arcadegeddon, Patch 1.0!

Thank you all for sticking with us through a year of early access! We are incredibly excited for you to dive in and play the full game, and we’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences and feedback!

For those of you who supported us throughout the baby steps of Arcadegeddon, you can find more info at the bottom of the patch notes about Early Access Rewards. 

Early Access players have had all their progress reset and will be starting from the beginning with everyone else, but the cosmetics that were unlocked will still be kept!

Arcadegeddon is now live on:

  • Epic Games Store

  • PS4 and PS5

  • Xbox Series X/S

With this patch, we've introduced a whole lot of new changes. New VFX and SFX, new animations, performance improvements and bug fixes, and a whole lot of new content! We may not have listed everything in these patch notes, but rest assured, the world of Arcadegeddon has had some major changes!

Keep reading for more info!




New Content

New Biome: Hellscape

“Dive into the depths of Hellscape, the unknown origin of the corruption infecting all of Arcadegeddon. A fiery landscape sprawling with gothic structures, Data Daemons and FFC Troops, Hellscape is plagued by the mysterious virus slowly eating its way into every corner of the source code of Gilly’s machine.”


New Surge Gauntlet Abilities:


“Channel your inner monster and bulk up with the help of Flexy and Lexy. The wrestling legends can show you a thing or two about the luchador lifestyle. If brawling and bashing is your style then give the Pluggernaut a shot!”

Major TomBot


“Did somebody call for assistance? Major TomBot is on duty and rollin’ out much more than just flashy skins and epic emotes! From vendor to veteran, Major TomBot is here to join you on the battlefield!”



Power Tokens 

Arcade Tokens.png


Introducing Power Tokens! Plugins and Surge Gauntlet abilities are now unlocked using these new Power Tokens.
Obtain Power Tokens by leveling up and completing challenges from the various Gang Leaders hanging out at Gilly’s.

Want to change up your load out, but you've already spent all your Power Tokens?
No problem! You can reset your Power Tokens in the customization machine.


Reset Power Token.png

Plugin Tiers

We've made some big changes to how Plugins work! 
Plugins now have three available tiers that you can unlock. Every additional tier will increase the effectiveness of the Plugin. 

Unlocking and Upgrading Plugins now costs Power Tokens, but unlocking Plugins still requires that you meet the level requirements

New Plugin: Shield Discharger

  • Cause a small explosion that deals #/#/# damage when shield breaks

Shield Discharger.png

New Plugin: Massive

  • Cause a small explosion that deals #/#/# damage when landing from a jump or falling.


Starter Weapon Rework

Previously, Starter Weapons were unlocked and upgraded by killing a specific amount of enemies with that weapon.
We wanted to refine the idea of having a progression system tied to the Starter Weapons and balance out the progression between different weapons.

Starter Weapons are now leveled up by gaining weapon EXP instead of landing the killing blow on enemies. Weapon EXP can be earned by damaging enemies with your weapons. This includes dealing damage via elemental effects such as setting an enemy on fire with an Infernal weapon or the chain lightning effect from Surge weapons. Weapon EXP also scales with difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the more EXP you will earn!

We’ve also introduced some QOL changes for Starter Weapons. Your current progression towards the next level for your Starter Weapon is now shown in-game on your weapon card while you are playing through Adventure Mode. Players no longer have to return to Gilly's to check their weapon progress every single time and can continue grinding with no worries!

The UI for the weapons menu in the customization machine has also had some changes. Starter Weapons have been moved into it's own category and is no longer tied to the weapon customization and info tab.



The Good Doctor2.pngParty Favor.png

“Support for our supports!”

The Good Doctor and Party Favor are now available as Starter Weapons.
We wanted players to be able to provide more of a support role without having to go through multiple stages before they could play in their own style. The Good Doctor and Party Favor can be leveled up just like every other Starter Weapon and the weapon EXP can be gained by supporting your teammates!

We've also made a big change to the Party Favor. 
The Party Favor now deals damage to enemies.


We’ve introduced two new Gangs with this patch.

These new gang leaders have brought with them new missions to complete and outfits to unlock. 

New Gang: PIN


Leaders: Flexy & Lexy

Strength and power! Titans of top rope Flexy & Lexy are the UNDEFEATED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF SUPER CITY – and don’t you forget it! These high-flying wrestlers run PIN, a stable of fighters in the ring, and the arcade. One time jobbers for Super City Wrestling, Flexy and Lexy turned heel, creating their own off-shoot organization within. Recently they discovered that their character rating in the Super City Wrestling (SCW) video game was only a measly 99 OUT OF 100. This is unacceptable! So they’ve decided to take their frustrations out on the gaming world, starting with Gilly’s.


New Gang: H@X


Leader: Wh1z

A kid genius – and kind of a smartass – Wh1z is the leader of H@X and the esteemed president of his high school robotics club (of which he’s also the only member). Wh1z’s massive fandom for Gilly’s sidekick, TomBot, has drawn him to Gilly’s where he hopes to share his own homebrew tech inventions with his robo-hero.  



New Premium Cosmetics - ARCoins

Introducing five new Premium cosmetics that can be unlocked with the new currency ARCoins.
These new premium outfits include various pieces with amazing visual effects that will dazzle both your enemies and your friends!

Small, Medium, and Large packs of AR Coins are available for purchase today to unlock various cosmetics in Gilly's Arcade. Get your ARCoins and unlock your style today! ARCoins are consumable and players can purchase multiple packs at a time.



Gilly’s Arcade

Customization Overhaul

Previously players could only customize around four different categories: Items, Head, Hair, and Body. Even with these limitations, you folks on the Arcadegeddon Discord have never ceased to amaze us with your awesome outfits. We've made some big changes to customization and we can’t wait to see what you do with even more options!

Get ready to take your drip to a whole new level.

We’ve broken down outfits and accessories into individual components! You can still rock entire outfits but now you can mix and match your fits to create a fit that fits you. 

Clothing has been broken down into three categories: Torso, Legs, and Gauntlet.

We’ve also split up “Items,” into multiple categories of accessories which includes: Facial Hair, Hats, Masks, Glasses, and Ear Wear.

You can now also purchase cosmetics directly from the customization machine. However, you are only able to purchase cosmetics of a lower rarity in the customization machine and you will still have to check in with Gilly to see what he's got in stock if you want to purchase some of the rarer cosmetics.

We've also got a whole lot of new cosmetics that can be unlocked!


Customization menu draft 5.png

“New Patch, New You”



The customization overhaul doesn’t stop there! 
Introducing stickers! Individualize certain tops with dope decals of all shapes, sizes and designs.



We Gotta Fix Gilly’s!

Thanks to the FFC, Gilly’s entire arcade is a mess! 
It’s up to you and your squad to bring new life to this storied hangout.

As you level up by playing Arcadegeddon you’ll also be helping Gilly fix up the place and build the Arcade that he’s always dreamed of.

Gilly's progression 1280.png



We introduced a cute CEO friend with the release of the Winter Update and now we're releasing the rest of them!

There are now 50 new collectibles that you can unlock to liven up Gilly’s Arcade.
Each collectible is unique and can be obtained by completing a full boss run (completing all the available bosses in a single playthrough).

Collect all 51 collectibles and show it off to all your friends that join your lobby!

Collectibles draft 1.png

Tutorial Changes

With all the changes and new content added into Arcadegeddon since the release of Early Access, we’ve decided to also make some tweaks to the tutorial. There are some additional explanations from Gilly and a new section in the tutorial specifically for the Customization Machine. 

If you still need some tips and tricks that the tutorial didn't help you with, then join our Discord or ask it about it here on the Forum!




Adventure Mode


Boss Phases

Boss Ready Fill.png

“Wait.. what do you mean there’s another phase?”

We introduced the second phase to each boss in a recent patch and now we're improving that system.
Each boss now has some big changes when they hit their second phase. Whether it's an increase in damage or the abilities that they gain, you will have to watch out. The Mech Boss has also had some changes to her arena. Electricity now surges throughout the arena when she enters phase two!

  • The first boss you encounter in your boss runs will never have a second phase.
  • Boss health bars have been changed to make it easier to tell when you're entering the next phase
  • Bosses now have a special animation when entering phase two
  • Adjusted health for all bosses
  • The Mech and Data Daemon Fury now also have adds that spawn throughout the fight similar to the Data Daemon Prince and CEO
  • Adds for all boss fights will now spawn based on difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the stronger the enemies. 


Boss Run 

“To go even further beyond”

We heard your feedback! Continue wreaking havoc and cleansing Arcadegeddon of the FFC as long as you please!

After defeating all the available bosses, players can now choose to continue and extend their runs.


New Enemy: Lootie

Who doesn’t love a good punching bag? Lootie is a small and elusive Golden Sapper Bot that drops valuable loot, outshining even legendary chests!

We couldn’t even capture an image of Lootie so we’ll leave it up to your imagination on what this cute little Sapper Bot actually looks like.


New Enemy: Brute

The brute is the latest addition to the Data Daemon roster. This brute-al beast is tanky, aggressive and packs a punch.

You can find this hulking hellspawn phasing in at Difficulty 8 and above.

Brute 1280png.png


Unique Weapons

In the Winter Update, we added some quality of life changes such as being able to refill your Unique weapons at the vendor tile.

In this update, your Unique weapons will no longer be destroyed when you run out of ammo. Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your weapon at low ammo to top off at TomBot’s.



“Ultimate Bragging Rights”

Here are rewards for the best of the best! If you place in the top of the leaderboards, you’ll now receive a crown depending on your placement.
These crowns will be shown above your head when running through Adventure Mode and you'll be able show off your achievement to all your friends.

There are three types of crowns; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. You will also permanently unlock their respective stickers when you receive the crown.
So dive into in Adventure Mode and start working on those high scores!

Leaderboards now have pages! We’ve updated the boards so you can scroll around to see more than just the top few players.


“Shuffle [On]"

Previously each biome had a set playlist. Even with Arcadegeddon’s one of a kind music, the same tracks playing in order every time can make music feel repetitive.

We’ve also added new tracks to Arcadegeddon! Which new track is your favorite?




Early Access 

As a thank you for supporting Arcadegeddon throughout its infancy, we’re giving early access supporters a big ol’ thank-you-bundle which includes:

  • IllFanatic Outfit
  • Arcade Angel Hair
  • Gilly’s Golden Altar
  • Currency Boost 
  • 5 Days of Double EXP
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