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Patch Notes 0.4.0 - Winter Update


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  • IllFonic

New Content

New Biome: Spark City


New Boss and Boss Arena : Data Daemon Fury


Boss System Update

We've made some changes to the Adventure mode's boss run system.

Previously, Adventure mode only had two ways to end a run. Either hit the "End Run" button or run out of continue tokens and fail the run. Now in Patch 0.4.0, players can complete the run by defeating every single available boss once.

We've added a new UI element on your scoreboard to keep track of all the bosses that you have defeated and how many you have left


We've also introduced a new section in the Leaderboards (Daily and Weekly) for those who have defeated all the bosses.


Once you've "won" in Adventure mode, you will also obtain the newest addition to Gilly's Arcade.


This is the CEO collectible and he's the only one available for now.

Isn't he cute?


Difficulty Selection


You can now choose the difficulty for the start of your Adventure run! 

For higher difficulty levels, you can unlock them by leveling up for a more challenging start.

Difficulty selection is only available if you choose the "Start Run" option and not the "Find Players" option.

Starter Weapons and Weapon Feats


You can now choose which non-unique weapon you would like to start with for each Adventure run! Every non-unique weapon now has a progression system that allows you to increase the rarity of the weapon you would like to start with. Once you complete all the feats for a specific weapon, you can even start a run with a legendary version of that weapon! Completing the weapon feats will also unlock an awesome tint for that specific weapon.

Navigate to the Weapons section in the customization menu to start checking out the new Starter Weapons and Weapon Feats system.

New Weapons

We've got two new weapons coming out this patch!

The Lobber 

The Lobber is tough to aim but can deal high damage and with the grenade splash, you're sure to hit something.



Lance Cannon

With good accuracy and range, the Lance Cannon launches a spear-tipped bolt that will make pin cushions out of your enemies


New Plugin: Blood Pact



Controller Remapping now available!


Hack rebalancing and changes

Players running through Adventure mode will find that there are more Hack rarity options than before!

We've also made certain hacks no longer have an upper limit to the amount of times you can stack them. For example, if you were lucky enough to pick up enough Titan's Banes(maybe a hundred, I'm a community manager I'm not doing the math), it may be possible to one shot a boss.

Many hacks have had their numbers tweaked to reflect these changes.

New Emotes

These three new emotes are now available for purchase at Gilly's Arcade!

  • Break Dance
  • Waltz
  • Moon Magic

Changes and Bug Fixes

Adventure Mode

  • Decreased amount of  enemy AI that spawns and increased the health to enemy AI 
  • Ammo for Unique weapons can now be refilled at the vendor tile
  • Biomes will no longer repeat until you have cycled through all the biomes
  • Added more stats that contribute to the MVP award at the end of each stage
  • Turrets no longer have a spot that triggers critical hits
  • Entering a new stage no longer refills your HP to full
  • The Indiscriminator now deals higher damage with higher rarities
  • Automatic weapons that do not have the overheat feature will no longer automatically reload when out of ammo
  • Slightly increased damage for Surge weapons
  • Updated VFX for gauntlet abilities, Orbital Strike and Tiny Tornado 
  • Reduced the hitbox for the gauntlet ability, Fireball
  • Grenades no longer deal impact damage to enemies (Only explosion damage!)
  • Moon Shoes Hack has been removed. RIP Moon Shoes
  • Reduced the Data Daemon Prince's health
  • Increased the Data Daemon Prince's damage taken from critical hits 
  • Reduced the score thresholds for boss encounters
  • Added a new effect to the Flee plugin that activates when Flee has been triggered
  • Polished the Minigun firing loop animation
  • Polished Pay2Live lighting effects so it looks better!

Gilly's Arcade

  • The inhabitants of Gilly's Arcade now speak English instead of their unique Arcadegeddon language
  • The UI for the character customization menu has had an overhaul. Check it out!


  • Reduced the shotgun damage in Glitchball

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing issues for players searching for a match on dedicated servers
  • Fixed an issue where PS5 players with linked accounts may sometimes crash when connecting to a dedicated server
  • Fixed an issue where HUD elements were sometimes not properly displaying during cross-play matches
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing PS5 players from rejoining a lobby after disconnecting from it
  • Fixed an issue that could cause issues if the player was switching weapons when entering the exit portal
  • Fixed an issue where players would not show up in the "Manage Players" menu if they are on a different platform
  • UI now properly updates when swapping through controller presets in the Settings menu


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  • IllFonic
On 3/18/2022 at 4:47 PM, Xanodia said:

any chance at a shoulder swap key? :D

We have it noted down as a suggestion!



On 3/19/2022 at 8:40 AM, Not A Real Name said:

Is there any way to turn off boss run? I would like to fight more bosses but I find it impossible to do so after fighting the fourth one.

For now, the only way to continue a run is to forgo doing the last boss. You can keep track of how many bosses you've currently done in the Hacks menu. 
We're still working on the feature so check in during the next patch to see what it's like then!

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