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Patch Notes 0.2.1


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  • IllFonic

New Weapon

  • Gillytine


New Cosmetics

  • 5 New Hairstyles
  • 350+ New tints for available cosmetics


  • A large number of memory and performance optimizations

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Spectating in the Standalone Battle Mode Machine was not working properly
  • Fixed several locations in Aftermath where players would take damage from acid pools that were not visible
  • Fixed an issue where certain PvP maps were not in the Standalone Battle Mode Machine
  • Fixed an issue where the Doom Ball Audio would sometimes play over and over again in confined spaces
  • Fixed an issue where the Doom Ball could sometimes bounce infinitely
  • Fixed an issue where everyone in match could hear the overheat audio from Infernal weapons
  • Fixed a number of instances where projectiles were impacting on items that they shouldn't be impacting
  • Fixed an issue where the emote wheel would not close if the player was downed or died while the menu was up
  • Fixed a large number of areas where players could get out of a level or traverse to areas they shouldn't
  • Fixed several tint icons that were incorrect 
  • Adjusted several tints that were too similar in color to one another
  • Fixed an issue where the Party Favor was incorrectly doing damage to enemies
    • The Party Favor was never supposed to be doing damage to enemies and this is a bug fix rather than a balance change
  • Fixed a several issues related to selecting, purchasing, and previewing cosmetics to from Gilly
  • Fixed several locations that could cause the player to become stuck while sliding
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to slide through stuns (such as the Spark Balls in Nerve Center)
  • Fixed several issues related to the AI Spawner sometimes not spawning enemies or spawning the incorrect enemies 
  • Fixed several random level seeds that would have certain areas loop infinitely
  • Fixed several chests spawn locations that players were unable to reach
  • Fixed an issue where player weapons would sometimes appear at their feet during boss cinematics
  • Fixed an issue where the host would see the Boss Fight ready on level load (when the Boss Fight was not yet actually ready)
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