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  1. Thanks for the additional info, passing it off. I'm going to assume you can connect to one another in other games and things like a direct call on discord work fine? doing a traceroute direct to your girlfriend from Windows may help but may not...at least it'll give you an idea if there is break in the route from you to your GF for whatever reason Ill follow up if/when I get more information - Gertz
  2. Hi there Its a known issue and we are working on a fix for it now. We will get it out as soon as possible - Gertz
  3. Another quick suggestion the team had Have you checked your Firewall or Antivirus Software to see if its flagging the game and blocking outside connections? - Gertz
  4. Thanks for the additional info! Going to pass off the info to the team. Daisy Chaining is basically having multiple routers or modems all connected to one another until you hit the point you are hardlined into the wall. So it could be something like Wireless PC connection to a Mesh Extender which is wireless to the router which is hardlined to the modem which is connected to the outlet. On longer chains of connections there is a possibility that the connection degrades and could cause issues. NAT setting information can be found here in this search - Gertz
  5. Thanks for the follow up! Some more follow-ups after talking to a few people In your first post, am I correct in assuming that one of you sends the invite then the other starts loading and gets the error? Can your girlfriend find other players if she searches for a match or does she end up starting her own lobby as well? How long is the loading screen up for before you time out? Can you send a DXDiag? How is your network setup? Are you on wireless? Are you daisy chaining modems? Do you possibly have a strict NAT type? - Gertz
  6. Hey there Yes Trophies at full launch are planned, want to get through Early Access before we commit to what they are and how difficult they may be to obtain. -Gertz
  7. Thanks for the feedback and advocating for keybinds! Its on our roadmap for Early Access but there is no specific date yet - Gertz
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Looking at the difficulty curve and what we can add to improve pacing is something we are looking at as we watch people stream, watch the Leaderboards, and parse feedback. - Gertz
  9. Hey there Thanks for the feedback. Sending it off to the team now. - Gertz
  10. Hey there Didn't want to leave you hanging, input remapping is coming during Early Access. Ill pass the info along to the team about control detection to show the correct image. - Gertz
  11. Thanks for the information! Passing this on to the team to look into. - Gertz
  12. Thanks for the feedback and the advocation for Keyboard/Input Mapping. It is on our roadmap to get done during Early Access. - Gertz
  13. Quick update here. We have identified two issues that may have caused this. In certain regions, our Day 1 patch was released hours after the game was which put people in a state with bad save data. In this case the "Delete Save Data" option would work and they would be able to proceed forward. This is the fix mentioned above After accepting Labels initial challenge to "Get into the Game", if you then join someone's match or invite someone into your match the challenge breaks. We are working on a fix for this now and will get it out ASAP. - Gertz
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