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  1. I don´t understand how something so basic was left for "later".
  2. PC Player - Black Screen after this patch... I went to the game to see if you fix the key binding edit issue... but now, I can´t even open the game.
  3. I bought this game on day one. Still waiting for that "fix" to finally play this game on my stream. Playing a shooter with a game pad (for a PC player) it is frustrating. 😤
  4. My critical issue too. Streaming with a joystick it is very weird for me. And my viewers (PC players), are asking about that. They like the game, but see that as a drawback 😔
  5. Me too. The keys listed (Even the not listed such as "WASD") works. But you can´t change it. It is a severe issue for me, because I play FPS games with the left hand on mouse, so I ALWAYS have to change all the default keybinds. Now I am only able to play with a joystick. :(
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