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  1. Ticket count was not changed in any patch so far. If you were managing 11,000 tickets before then analyze if you were using your coins or not. 1/10 of coins = tickets so there is probably some lost room there if you are buying stuff mid-match or anything like that.
  2. Outlaw Adjusted base damage from (140/150/165/188/232) to (160/170/185/205/220) Reduced magazine size from (7/9/12/15/18) to (5/6/8/10/12) Adjusted the reload animation Fixed an issue with damage falloff adding a 1.2x multiplier to all damage Here are the patch notes. What you were experiencing is a bug with multiplier on damage. But if we do the math. You in all lost only 8 damage caused by that multiplier bug. The math checks out. 140x1.2 = 168 and with the bug removed your losing 8 damage based on the new grey value of 160. You COULD have body shot something consistently due to that bug with grey outlaw, but it was not intended. Overall you have lost a minimal amount of damage. You should be in pain about the halved stats of the critmaster and one-hander perks instead.
  3. Grey outlaw before patch did not body shot anything. You needed 1 one-hander hack to follow through with that, damage drop of did not change.
  4. You guys may have scuffed this one pretty bad and I want to help make you aware. The discord link attached to your invite on the main page has expired. Please set this to never expire and have unlimited uses. LFG chat in your discord is hugely important due to even at peak times in NA the game having very long queues for matchmaking if at all. I'll post my discord again here as well because I'm trying to run a very supportive and community driven discord that follows discord guidelines and is discoverable on disboard and such. Arcadegeddon Runner's Discord is looking for relaxed and hardcore runners alike, come lfg with us, we have alltime record boards and are SFW! https://discord.gg/VwJfEXZTQh
  5. That is correct it is a currently known issue, among many other problems that cause some dampening issues for very fast runs sometimes. These things I trust will get sorted out though :)
  6. I want an underwater biome, with robots that have like... tubular body parts or tentacles
  7. Hi everyone, I know a lot of people are out searching for friends to play with, and runners for Leaderboard or Challenge runs. I hope me and AodanTV can offer you a place to stay in this direction! Come hang at Arcadegeddon Runners discord! We are sfw and a great place to communicate your plans/runs/streams with other creators/runners alike! https://discord.gg/VwJfEXZTQh We will be handing out roles based on scores and rankings achieved, rep to other runners your sick style and show off your scores in our channels. Meet like minded respectable individuals and trust your always safe with us in an inclusive environment meant for social interaction and content creation!
  8. Dont forget to see what the deal is with some mouse clicks not being registered in unusual timed intervals for some. Plenty of posts about it on the discord <3
  9. Thanks for removing the fps cap!
  10. I agree that if there is a wipe maybe EA get a cool banner or something. I don't think we need too much though, just something we can show that indicates we were here first repping for you guys. I just hit lvl 100, Sure id love a badass crown for reaching that in EA, but I know we didn't found this, we arent the reason it go published.... I think EA should get something only if a wipe happens IMO.
  11. Its a tongue cat! The tongue cat of legends!
  12. Milgrade - Solid Physical Damage Nanotech - Hologram styled weaponry, lots of cleave and penetration Surge - Electric weapons, cause cc stun and on death cause a bolt to jolt across nearby enemies Infernal - Damage Over Time thermal weapons, no clips but they overheat if used to quickly Demolisher - Explosives (uh.. yeah explosives) Zerocool - Ice weapons, all can freeze the target resulting in single melee instakills Uniques - Very powerful, no recoverable ammo If you go to the customization system in game you can go to the weapons tab and get a clear description of each weapon.
  13. Give the electric weapons a try, they are great for zapping all of them down in hordes.
  14. Week 1 Duo's first place, final score - 311k with ease. ;)

    Screenshot 2021-07-10 235845.png

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