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  1. Thank you for your feedback we will pass this along to our Dev team
  2. Are you both on the same network on different PC's? Have you tried joining other matchmaking games, and has that worked? Thanks
  3. What region are you in? Are they in a different region? Also try to re-install game and see if that helps.
  4. Thank you for letting us know. Was this a one off case?
  5. Thank you for that info. Can you confirm that Ray Tracing is off in video settings?
  6. Are you playing on PC or PS5? Re-installing has been known to fix this issue. Thanks
  7. Hi, Thank you for letting us know. Could you please let me know a little more info, what type of mouse brand and model are you using? Have you tried uninstall and reinstalling game as well? Does this issue start as soon as the game launches on Epic Games? Thank you
  8. Language localizations will happen between early access and full launch. It will be supported by then. Thank you
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