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  1. I used a generic mouse, a motospeed V70 mouse, and a Razer Deathadder… it now works on PC after I uninstalled the game. But when I want to play on my Playstation 5, the game does not recognize all the mice I used… but I can play other games on my Playstation 5 with the exact keyboard and mouse set. And they do work. So this a bug on the Playstation 5 addition… or does this mean that the Arcadegeddon Playstation 5 edition will not support mouse and keyboard..?
  2. I tested my mouse and keyboard after the latest patch and still the game only recognizes keyboards and not mice. Also there is no key-bind settings for keyboard and mouse for PS5 or even PC… Help the left handeds out here ): and I hope the keyboard and mouse bug gets fixed.
  3. Basically when I connect my mouse and keyboard… my keyboard is fully functional but the game does not register any mouse movements. I am pretty sure this is a bug. I am playing on PS5 and it would be nice if this bug was fixed. Other than that the game is actually really fun to play!
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