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    he stuck

    The exact thing happened to me while I was playing, I slid under got stuck under something similar to that. It took around 5 minutes for me to get unstuck. I don't know how I got unstuck but the player I was teamed up with was just enemies around me.
  2. I'm really enjoying this game and also have been in a lot of betas and early access game. I also work in film productions and understand the importance of good audio when it comes to the quality of an image. When people ask me what kind of equipment they should get when they are thinking of making a video I always start with suggesting them to focus on audio equipment and to make sure the audio is perfect, well mixed, and easy to understand. Arcadeggedon sounds good, but it can definitely be enhanced, especially with 3D audio being offered in the PS5. In a lot of games I feel like a soundtrack is just dropped on top of the gameplay, but I think adding dynamic changes to the pacing of the action can enhance the experience to the players; pacing up the percussion. The foley as well can help increase the pop of the images: such as an explosion sounding more authentic dynamic to the environment (cave vs jungle vs outerspace), an echo to the bullets flying around and bouncing, a fade of the lasers flying out of the guns, bullets that nearly miss your head, the metal bending on the enemies, etc etc; all with different sets of bits for each image asset. If a proper foley with diverse sound information per image is used here I think it will enhance everything about this game, and if done properly it can also lower the budget toward improving imagery. Also some grunts, "yeahs," and "hellos" from the characters can also help with players interacting with each other, or a "well played", or after a huge near death experience or a hoard a "oof" and breath of exhaustion. But this is just a thought. Really enjoying this game, and for an early access it's very well polished.
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