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  1. Also, will this game be an epic xclusive or can we expect to see it on steam? Not that I care about either since I've already bought it on Epic but, I only ask out of curiosity.
  2. Was expecting more gameplay patches. I guess we wont get more players till its more streamer friendly?
  3. Yes please. Game was stealthily released and many are weary. I think the game is fun solo as a rogue lite but have yet to play multiplayer.
  4. I totally agree. Made the mistake of playing this an hour before work and I pretty much have to die at the second boss.
  5. So I can't edit my controls? I'd really like to replace the quick melee key with my scroll wheel like I have it in warframe. Also, could we please get a playstation controller button scheme and layout? I don't use xbox controllers and I'm sure many others would agree. Overall, the game is interesting to say the least. Definitely fun casual time waster. I'll be keeping my eyes out for a battle pass and other things to expect.
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