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  1. This patch was more of a hotfix that emergency patch that we could get done over the weekend. We're still sorting out all the Feedback and Bugs that we've been seeing over this launch to get a good patch out.
  2. Three additional tracks have been added to the list of songs that will not play while Streamer Mode is enabled Resolved copyright claims with the distributor for Thook's music: "Digital World" and "Speed" Over the course of launch and through the weekend we identified 7 tracks causing claims with Streamer Mode enabled. We have worked to fix 4 of these tracks and those should no longer cause a claim. The 3 remaining tracks have been removed from the tracks being played while in streamer mode until such time as we can get the licensing resolved. Please let us know here or in the Feedback forum if you are encountering any similar issues after this patch.
  3. Patch Notes 0.1.1 Fixed an issue where the Boss Anomaly may sometimes not spawn after destroying the anomaly and not entering. Fixed an issue where the red airlock gate would sometimes appear before all players have crossed through. We identified some tracks that demonetize and added them to the list of songs that will not play while Streamer Mode is enabled. We are working to get the tracks whitelisted
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