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  1. Is there a way to remove the 120fps cap? This is coming in a future patch. We will post patch notes in the forums so be sure to check them. Matchmaking comments: Another option is to check out our Discord. We have people doing LFGs on our Discord. You should join! https://discord.gg/4jnv82WXFT
  2. Okay, this still helps and I will share it with the team. Thank you!
  3. Hi @Juicyy and @Hunion! Can you share with me what time these crashes happened, or an approximate? This will help the team compare it to our backend data and see if we can spot a match up or what additional information we may need to investigate. Thank you so much for your help!
  4. First Addition: Haptic Trigger - Haptics can be turned off on the system side. There is not an in-game way to do this.
  5. 1. This is a known issue that the team is working on. For now try rotating to get out of it. 4. Tab on PC will bring up the current challenges you have, along with you hacks and continue tokens. PS5 its the bug rectangle in the middle. Your player level is on the party card, difficulty level is on the top right, and stage you can see the round cycle. 5. As we make our way to Full Launch in early 2022 we will be exploring other platforms. For Early Access our focus is PS5 and PC via Epic. 6. We are currently working on a game guide that will live on the website and be shared on the forum as well. Look for this between now and Full Launch. First Addition: Haptic Trigger: checking on this for you.
  6. Thank you for your feedback. I will look into the couple of questions you have and get back to you. And line 7 is amazing, thank you. And line 8 is my favorite.
  7. Yes to the sliding! One of my favorite moves. I will share the second bit of feedback. Thank you!
  8. We have been having a blast with music in this game! Keep an eye out here and on our socials for more music information when it can be shared.
  9. Did you by chance melee them after freezing them? The smashing can be rather gratifying. I am forwarding your feedback on in the meantime. Thanks!
  10. Hi there! Thank you for the feedback. We are implementing localization by Full Launch. It will eventually be localized in Traditional Chinese.
  11. Thank you for your feedback! I have shared this feedback with the team.
  12. Thank you for the feedback! I will forward on to the team.
  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. I have shared this feedback with the team.
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