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  1. They reduced the cost of increasing the difficulty at shrines, so you can now increase the difficulty higher, faster.
  2. The ice weapons are better saved for Elites, you can turn a bullet sponge into a 1 shot kill.
  3. The bat was being used to exploit because you could instantly knock enemies off platforms, getting an instant kill regardless of how powerful they were. The only people this bat change negatively effected were people exploiting to boost scores on the Leaderboard. Using the bat is still a stratagy, no one took that away, you just can't camp on a platform and Infinitly farm enemies jump padding to you anymore.
  4. The bat durability was put in place to keep players from sitting in corners and Infinitly farming kills to exploit the leaderboards. You should be moving, shooting, swapping weapons. Not camping with 1 infinite weapon for hours.
  5. Score and unspent coins are the two highest factors with tickets, hell bosses only give 150. I've found it faster to just do 1 or 2 levels and quit to get 500 to 600 and repeat.
  6. Blame all the people who used bat's to exploit.
  7. Regardless, the fact that enemies at 15m regularly take twice as many shots AND they reduced the number of shots we have has rendered the gun pointless when shotguns exist.
  8. I rarely if ever buy anything because 10,000 coins is 1,000 tickets.
  9. That's exactly how it used to work, it could 1 shot basic enemies and bombs but anything els required head shots.
  10. Than yeah, sounds like something got knocked out of synch server-side. Don't worry, the devs frequent the board and I'm sure can help you out.
  11. Let's let them finish making the game before we go expanding it. I've mentioned in other topics that'd I'd also like to see more of the outskirts explored and there's certainly room to expand in the future.
  12. 1. Have you checked to see if the cosmetics are unlocked? 2. Have you tried switching to another quest chain?
  13. The patch notes mentioned the damage being increased from 150 to 160 and the magazine being reduced from 7 to 5. Okay, fine. But it didn't mention it also massively reduced its max range. Its now a high damage, low ammo, short range weapon...identical in function to a Shotgun. We now have less ammo but on average taking twice as many shots to kill.
  14. Yeah, your HP dropping sounds like maybe a bug where maybe the value rolled over.
  15. Hack have diminishing returns. The Pistol DMG hack for instance says +20% DMG but that's only for the first one, the second adds +10% and 3rd adds +4%. I posted in the suggestions that Hacks need to show the true value.
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