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  1. At this stage the game sort of hit a wall progression wise You can't go past level 100, you run out of outfits to buy, leader board runs take over 2 hours as you get better, the bat changes lessen the variety in play style a bit IMHO the level cap should be increased in the next update, the cost of increasing a level should be less as a way to add variety The changes in the last patch overall were impressive. In just a month the game progression, leveling up, bot AI, bug fixing has been faster the I expected The melee system change with the bat IMHO was an over reaction to a problem that was not there. Now I have to stick with the starting off bat, so I don't know how a durability mechanic in higher level bats fixes the perceived issues with the bat. Effectively the melee system was nerfed to please the shooter based mentality players who dumb down games The game is in early access but it needs to keep its players until it's full release. The roadmap talks about seasons but there's a lot of hours of play in between these seasons In conclusion I'm ahead of other players, and I'm hitting a wall of why should I progress. Again with no increase in level, little new cosmetics in the shop, longer play times, and a lessening in the variety of play styles due to the bat change
  2. You still can with the starting off bat Just finished a duo run and kept the original bat, didn't feel any different I suppose if they fixed a non-existent problem with a non-existent fix it all works out in the end It's clear some people don't like melee and look for any non-existent problem to dumb down the game There was a good bit of advice a YouTuber gave on improving multilayer skills. They said first off don't blame others/the game/tactics, look what you can do better Agian the original issue was the bat didn't revert back to the starting bat when a new bat was used up, while keeping the starting bat you can use it forever And again people using the terms Camping/Exploit to dumb down a game, when they should be looking at what they could do to improve themselves, and not how others can be hindered so they can get ahead on a leader board, even if the hindering has no valid effect on the game
  3. OMG so the default pistol should be removed as its a weapon you can sit there with Again this shoot at a target and call any other tactic cheating kills games Enemies can hover for longer, teleport, or evade faster. There's balancing mechanics that can be implemented The objectives in a game and the progress from point A to B don't promote Camping/Exploiting The terms Camping/Exploiting as well as others are used by poor players to justify dumbing down of games As a case study look at the game Rogue Company where players get accused of Camping for staying in the objective in King of the hill. They had a crouch mechanic that improved your aim when crouched, then when players called it Crouch Camping they built in mechanics to penalise the practice, they didn't simply remove the mechanic tho. That game tried to please the dumbing down crowd, who are usually more toxic and just want to complain to get attention and as such they find any non existent issues just to complain about and get more attention
  4. My suggestion re the bat issue is as follows Keep the bat as the default melee weapon like the pistol is Have other types of melee weapons like ice hockey sticks that have a durability mechanic built into them, this makes them similar to ammo running out mechanics When a melee weapon breaks you revert back to the bat Since you can buy ammo at the shops also have a melee health machine like the pay2live machine Then balance the damage as needed A roadmap for this could be in the following phases. 1) reinstate bats as before but lower damage of higher level bats 2) design other melee weapons eg fire or ice bat/sticks and the animations involving them 3) introduce melee pay2live machines and new bats/sticks into game 4) balance damage/cost to fix/durability over time The idea is to duplicate the gun system for melee weapons, where you have a base gun and melee weapon, then the other weapons you pick up have the same durability/ammo subsystems. Adding in another subsystem for buying ammo/melee weapon health Doing this parallel melee system would bring continuity into the full weapons system. Balancing would weaken melee weapons as if fire/ice variants were used they would be too OP
  5. Is this game going to turn into your typical shoot at something and ban anything that requires different tactics and skills or intelligence to play There's lots of those games already, most degrade very quickly into just shoot at a target style game that has no long term future I liked the fact that Arcadegeddon started off with a variety and freshness to it I also thought that with Sony behind it it would try to a bit more forward thinking and again intelligent and diverse One game I stopped playing accused players who were crouching to improve their fire accuracy as cheaters then penalised them by introducing game mechanics to punish them Exploiting / Using intelligence to find creative solutions by using the game mechanics is an ethical not legal issue
  6. As I thought Started up game, had the opportunity to pick up another bat, decided not to, felt ripped off, ended run, played another game This with the cap on level 100 really has not given me the incentive to progress with this game I'll probably play it in the future when they sort out the bat issue and get rid of the 100 level cap I'll keep an eye on the forums to see if this happens
  7. Overall I loved the new patch but the bat change IMHO probably could stop me from continuing to play the game At the lower levels the new bat deterioration mechanic seemed OK but at level 10 the bat didn't seem to last long, as a result I died easily I thought the higher level bats would revert back to the starting bat once the higher level bat was used up, similar to if you use up ammo in a gun it would revert back to the default pistol This bat mechanic change has no consistency or logic to it, the starting bat will not deteriorate so why would a higher level bat I can see from a game mechanics point of view the idea was to balance the game but the way it was done again was inconsistent and illogical, I would go as far as saying it was a sloppy not very well thought out solution to a problem that wasn't even there You could just lower the bat damage or revert back to the starting bat when the higher level bat runs out To have two rules for the one bat, that was inconsistent with the reverting back to a other base weapon (pistol) again is just sloppy Overall I loved the other changes in the patch but the bat change doesn't inspire confidence in future changes that may be made to the game. As a result when I play the game again I'll stick with the starting bat and think, well I'm feeling ripped off, and I'll probably end up playing something else
  8. OK but it looks a bit odd that there's a progress bar from 100-101 that stays empty
  9. Also the war body backpack with the nt8 hair and long hair
  10. I love the female long hair but it goes through the grim reaper hoodie I assume it will be dealt with in time, it's not really a bug as such IMHO the hoodie the hoodie should go as so far 3 of the 8 hairstyles I have have this issue
  11. I can't seem to progress past level 100 on the level progress bar, it just stays as if I just got to level 100 Tickets continue to be collected tho, and everything else seems OK
  12. I love the game btw For people with less time on their hands there could be a customised offline mode where you can specify the max time and starting level of a run
  13. It happened again but this time a small circle icon was on the portal unlike the other two times I was solo on Mystic level 8 in one of the caves, funny thing was when I left the cave about 50m from the portal was another portal I could go through So that's three times, I've played about 68 hours and I'm one level 84
  14. Might have the answer, after it happened again Is it possible that if you open the portal so it's accessible with out it being in your field of view, when you try to enter the portal the ps square icon will not appear I was solo on Nerve level 4 and I was swinging the bat around at enemies with the portal to my side but out of view. I turned around to see the portal open but agian no ps square icon This would explain this and the prior issue
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