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Awesome game. My thoughts on things to work on after a few hours of play

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In no particular order:

1. Getting stuck sliding in walls. No.

2. Regular bat swing has no oomph. Need oomph.

3. Needs a jumping slam. Even if just with the baseball bat. Would be stupidly fun.

4. Is there a way to show current challenges and level while in a run? If there is I didn't see it.

5. This game is going places but needs to be on PS4/Xbox and have someone big on Twitch stream it.

6. It's not immediately clear what guns are better than what. Label by gun type for starters? Not sure what to do about it.

7. This is one of the most fun games I've played in a long time. It has Rocket League/Fortnite type potential. Keep up the good work!!!

8. Each line of this post is longer than the last. 8 seemed like a better number for this list than 7 so I'm just talking to make one extra line that's longer than the last.


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I forgot but how about an option to turn off the haptic trigger bs or whatever that's called on PS5. It's more annoying than vibration but I see no option to disable it.

Also I've always said Fortnite should have a slide mechanic. If this game gets big watch them copy it. I would have put it in years ago!

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  • IllFonic Staff

1. This is a known issue that the team is working on. For now try rotating to get out of it.

4. Tab on PC will bring up the current challenges you have, along with you hacks and continue tokens. PS5 its the bug rectangle in the middle. Your player level is on the party card, difficulty level is on the top right, and stage you can see the round cycle. 

5. As we make our way to Full Launch in early 2022 we will be exploring other platforms. For Early Access our focus is PS5 and PC via Epic. 

6. We are currently working on a game guide that will live on the website and be shared on the forum as well. Look for this between now and Full Launch.

First Addition: Haptic Trigger: checking on this for you.

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