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Balloon gun bug


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Yes my email is real if you need more info. 

So you have the harpoon gun that like balloons people up and they pop.  I dont know name buy should be enough info.  So if that gun or the harpoon is out and then you cross one of the planes that makes the red barrier appear the gun never retrracts, you cant reload, or swap guns.  I dont know if i tried to drop it.  The red barrier i am talking about wasnt one of the ones at the little hub with a store it was one that popped up as i crossed a bridge.  Basically i was looking behind me shooting enemies as i crossed bridge and that barrier popped.   

I will try and recreate but its hard cause levels are procedural and i dont know where that invisable line is.

Not gonna check this forum if you need more info please email, its real.

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