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Game Keeps Crashing and I'm Unable to Reconnect

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  • What are your PC specs? (Operating system, video card, CPU, RAM, etc)

Windows 10 Home, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz, 16.0 GB RAM

  • What are your in-game video settings (Under “Video” and “Advanced” in the settings menu) 



  • What were you doing when it happened? 

We had just finished a PvP match (King of the Hill with the Cold Shoulder and Slugger) in the shop between areas in Aftermath while playing Duos in Cross-Platform (me on PC, my partner on PS5.) 

  • Did you have any active challenges? If so, which one?

We were both currently doing the challenge request for Shill and had both finished all of them that run, save for me who still had to increase the difficulty manually 6 more times.

  • Which map were you playing when the issue occured?  

We were halfway through the Aftermath.

  • Were you playing in a quickplay group, by yourself, or with a party?

We were playing in a party of two.


First thing we did today was log into Arcadegeddon, my partner and I. He was on the Playstation and I was on the laptop, as we always are. I play through the Epic Game Store and he through the PSN (obviously), and since cross-play launched, we've been solely playing as a duo and slowly feeling the game out better. We were in the middle of a crazy run, nearly (or probably past, actually) 3 hours in the make and had stopped to get a few extra coins and loot from the PvP match in the shop. Now, King of the Hill has it's own issues to begin with, namely it doesn't stack points for my partner while he's standing in a point unless he continuously runs out and in the point over and over; however, we've successfully completed it before with no other issues. I crashed as soon as the match ended and though I re-logged in as soon as I was able (literally within seconds of the crash) I had no way of rejoining the match I had been booted from.

Now living in the same house with my partner, I know he didn't do anything to try and forcibly eject me from the game (nor would he considering our score and the fact I play a full support gauntlet/plug-ins spec to his balls-to-the-wall daredevil/fireball spec.) The most concerning part of the whole situation, however, was the fact that crashing out of the game during a run completely strips me of any rewards I would have received upon reaching the end screen of a run. This means, not only did I miss out on properly ending the best run of our career so far, but I also missed out on the 130k tickets my partner gets to flaunt in my face. (He didn't want to tell me how much I missed out on, but it's hard not to notice when his screen is right there lmao.)

The following screenshots are to show evidence of the run he ended after realizing I couldn't get back, and to show that I, in fact, do not have the tickets.




If my obnoxiously blue character isn't clue enough, I'm CeruleanBoxers. I was not smart enough to get a screenshot of my tickets before buying the things I wanted in the shop after the run because it didn't have a lot of time left and I didn't want to miss out even more than I already felt I had. Needless to say, I was devastated to only have my 47-ish-thousand tickets when I logged back in, especially considering my name wasn't taken from the board. I am glad I have some gloating rights for a minute, though. I've come to terms with the fact I may never see all the tickets I've missed by now from the frequent crashes, but if there was any way to compensate, I'd be super grateful.

Since I've mentioned more than a few times now that I've experienced this problem before, each time it has been with this PC and the same PS5 in a cross-play duo session with my partner. The only other consistency in the crashes is that they always occur during a loading screen, and from my recollection it's always when exiting a boss fight or PvP match or when loading into a new area after seeing a Stage End screen. I have also always played Guest to my partner's Host client. Hope that helps, some. Game is fun. I could complain or nitpick a few things, but the overall is pretty solid and I'm excited to see where it goes from here. Cheers.

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