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More Like the Guillytine

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I thought the Guillytine was a good addition. Was thinking you should release more special melee weapons like:

Katana - fast, lightweight, high DPS sword that has its own unique striking animations and combos, and not just swinging a sword back and forth like the bat. With a passive ability of increasing movement speed when equipped. 

Guilly’s Electric Guitar - a projectile based weapon (I know I said “melee” lol) that generates music when in use and fires projectiles at an enemy. With an AOE special move that damaged all enemies around the character in a wide area. With the passive ability of increasing a certain stat of Allies that are within the AOE blast when triggered.


Gauntlets or Brass Knuckles - a close range melee weapon with extremely fast striking speed. Again, has its own animations and combos. Special ability could be pounding the fists together, granting extra melee dmg by a certain “%” for an “X” amount of time. 

Can’t wait for the next stream! 



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