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Back after 3 months

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Good to see the game moving forward in a good way. Play times are down to a good timeframe. I was playing a lot of Ghost of Tutshima Legends, they have a bronze, silver, gold, and nightmare difficulty level. Could you do the same with this game and have the higher level the leaderboard level, eg top level starts at level 5 or higher. Only bug found is the boss portal entry icon not showing (posted the same bug a week after the games launch, it was fixed now its back, it was in Nerve duo run when we bashed the gate open then ran far away then came back so it's probably a distence/zone issue)

Would like to see more melee weapons. Did you change it so if you use a high level bat and it breaks you revert back to the original bat

Again still at level 100 so looking forward when I can go up past 100

After coming back after 3 months I noticed around 9-10 it gets significantly harder, I felt 6-8 could be a bit harder to make the progression flow a bit more 

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