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First of all, congratulations on the game, I've only been playing for two days and I can't stop. I have been reviewing the roadmap and I would like to leave some ideas:

- Daily and weekly missions, it would be great to get new challenges each day that would reward with experience or tickets, that would make it rewarding to return to the game each day.

- Character biography: A section where you can consult the history of each of the characters in the game (friends and enemies).

-More customization options. Being able to combine pants and shirts, personalize physical appearance (eyes, mouths ...)

- Shop ordered by sections, for weapons, accessories, skin tones...

These are some of the ideas that have occurred to me, I hope You find them useful, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the game progresses!❤️

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  • IllFonic

Missions/Challenges, Customization options, Character Lore, and Gilly's Shop are all a work in progress during this Early Access phase!
We're working on all sorts of ideas right now so make sure you check it out when we drop our big patches!

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