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My suggestions and localization question

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Hi. First of all, let me tell that your game is already awesome and I can't wait for the full release! My suggestions:

- Dual wielding for pistols

- Arcade room customization

- Some kind of grappling hook 

- More diverse enemies (skins, voices etc)

- Dashing in the air :) 

- Temporary weapon and gameplay mutators (something like in Unreal Tournament 2004 or Borderlands 3) - after picking them up from the loot crates they'll work for example for 2 minutes (more gun dammage, faster movement, infinite ammo etc). 

- Taunts and comments - player character can comment the situation just like in Borderlands series. 


And now, the question about localization. I know that other languages will be added in the final version, but are you planning to add polish version? I'm asking because I can help with it, or even translate everything by myself (for free).   

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