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Changing Weapon Skins


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  • IllFonic Staff

Hey Khido, thanks for letting us know! Could you provide a bit more information for me?

  • How many weapon skins do you own for the weapon?
  • Were you able to select the skin and just could not equip it or were you unable to even select the skin to begin with?
  • Have you been able to reproduce this bug again since posting?
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Yes i have. I own plenty of skins for my slugger and as you can see there is no selection for it. Its like this for the following weapons:

Eraser, Hunter, Tracker, Vaporizer, Overclocker, Power Surge, Shocker, Magma Cannon, The Melter, Thermal Devastator, Ex Machina, Master Blaster, Scotsman, Frosty Fraggins, The Cold Shoulder, The Long Winter, Aperture 3, BDE 9000, Incinerator, Indiscriminator, Light gun, Minigun, Particle Smasher, Party Favor, Pixel Popper, Slugger (as mentioned), and The Good Doctor. 



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