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Hello, I realized the more I play, the less viable some abilities become in longer runs. Just got done doing a run using the freeze blast and man oh man, it is trash to be honest. So this led me to think of some suggestions.

I was thinking it would be nice if during a run, there would be ability altering mods you can pick up, or maybe even be able to choose this before starting a run. But let’s take the freeze blast for example; you pick up a specific mod, I’d say there are 3 unique mods for each ability, and it changes the pretty useless ability of freeze blast into an AOE freeze, freezing all enemies within a 20 meter radius. OR! If you want to be more melee based, there could be a mod for that ability, when activated grants you frost armor. So any enemy that attacks with close range physical attacks instantly becomes frozen. So you can sprint into a bunch of enemies with a bat, and just have that frost armor to help you freeze enemies. 

Right now, especially when running solo, I use the heal and shield ability to make sure I stay alive, maybe others are just better than me and can use other abilities but this in my opinion would make other abilities more fun to use. Here are some other examples of you care to read:

1. Glitch Monster - a mod that substitutes the giant monster for a horde of your own glitch demons. 
2. Orbital Strike - a mod that makes it go from a singular strike to multiple strikes through the area.

3. Shield - a mod that changes the shield field into a dome shield that enemies cannot shoot through or enter. 

hope you get the point. Thanks for reading! Keep on making the game awesome!

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