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Different Melee Weapons


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Hey there! Had a suggestion that I thought would be pretty cool! Instead of just a bat, whether you can start with other melee weapons or have to pick them up, we could get other types of weapons like an Axe, Katana, Polearm, etc, and they each have their own unique way of fighting and they also come with a unique alternate ability (like with the bat, it’s the charged up hit).

So for the Axe, a charged up ability will cause you to constantly swing your weapon around in circles, providing co start AOE damage for a couple seconds.

Or for the Katana, you sheath your weapon, maybe go into an armored stat so it doesn’t get interrupted but any ranged attacks, and once you release the button, you unsheath your sword and dash forward at lightning speed, dealing massive damage. 

and even the regular attacks for these weapons have a cool combo animation instead of you just swinging them back and forth like the bat. Please let me know what ya think!

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