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PS5 Bug Report


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After the new PvP patch, I’ve experienced A LOT of bugs. Here is a list:                        

1. After obtaining the doom fist ability, the vending machines for customization will constantly say you have something new, which is the new ability, but no matter how many times I equip it or reboot the game, it still says “New.” Minor bug, but all my friends are experiencing it.                        

2. A friend of mine got hit with a bug that made the screen extremely dark and her UI disappeared so our long run went straight down the drain because she couldn’t really do anything. This is the second time I’ve seen it happen.              

3. I’m not going to say I have the best internet in the world but I have about 400Mbs, so this issue that I only started noticing after the patch couldn’t be internet related. But when me and my friends try to activate abilities, when activating them, there is like a second delay before they appear. And In a life or death situation, it’s pretty frustrating. And just to be clear, I was playing this game for 3 days before the patch rolled out so I know for a fact the abilities came out once I told them too, no delay.                 

4. Enemies get into some weird weird locations where they require weird positioning to even damage. 

5. The Glitch Monster ability actually turned out to be pretty nice right before the patch rolled out, and I know it’s prone to mess up here and there but maaaan every time I’ve used it after the patch, he gets stuck almost immediately, so he’s pretty useless. But that’s just from personal experience. Nobody else I play with use that ability. 

6. This is a minor one, but almost every time I complete a run with friends and complete a few missions for an arcade member, I can’t submit it, I have to leave the session before it lets me submit my missions. Because load times are quick on ps5, this isn’t a big deal but I thought I’d let y’all know. 

7. Idk if the orbital strike is working as intended but I can assure you that it doesn’t have the impact of an orbital strike. A friend of mine was using it for a mission and she used it multiple times on the glitch monsters that come in hordes. Big explosion, big kill numbers,  or so you’d think. At the end of the round, she has 1 ability kill. Idk if it’s just not strong or the damage radius is horrendous but right now it’s a pretty bad ability. From personal experience of course. 

8. I also don’t know if this ability is working as intended, and whether or not it is, I do still love it. The graviton ability when used will sling shot enemies back and forth making it very difficult to accurately kill anything in it. So unless you use have an explosive weapon or a offensive ability, ain’t no way you’re accurately gunning down anything in it, unless there are a lot of enemies in it and you’re just spraying. But this may be intentional, if so, I’m not gunna complain. 

9. This one is for the new PvP machine. When getting to the “6 feet under” game mode, it’ll show us that screen, then go straight back to a loading screen and show us the event screen again, only this time it defaults to “pea shooter.” I just think it confuses the contestants quite a bit but it does still take you to the 6 feet under game mode with the new Scotsman weapon. Hopefully that made sense. 

10. There are instances where enemies will not take any damage. I’ve mainly noticed it while using the Aperture 3, I think that’s the name of the gun, the disc shooting weapon. 

11. there are instances where I press the pause button and then my game just gets frozen right there. I’ve had it happen when trying to leave a boss room. 

That’s really all I can think of at the moment. I appreciate y’all hearing me out. Only game so far that I’ve gotten early access to and still play. Been playing since the week early access released. But for sure after this latest patch the game just isn’t running like before. Again, thank you for hearing me out. I’m no bug or game tester so sorry if any of my explanations were kind of crappy.

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In response to bug #2 - Dark screen with no HUD. I came here to also say that twice in my first time playing the game on PS5, I died, paid a bribe to get a continue and when coming back with a continue, lost all GUI and HUD capabilities as well as a dark world aside from assets that were created with a glow to them. Those glowing pieces in the world helped a bit but not by much. 

This happened on two separate biomes in one session. Only way I broke out of it was when loading into a boss fight or the next round. Could not even load options or anything while in the "dark zone". I only had this happen immediately after paying the bribe to get a shot at a continue (At first I thought it was punishment for bribing haha) 

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