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Arcadegeddon Known Issues List


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These are issues that we are currently looking into and working to resolve as soon as we can. If you see an issue listed below, there is no need to create a new thread unless you have additional information that may be helpful.

Please be aware this doesn't represent the full list of issues actually under investigation.

If your issue isn’t on this list, let us know here on the Bug Reports forum


General Issues

  • Doomball can negatively impact performance when there are too many on the screen
  • Players may encounter incorrectly placed invisible collision volumes and teleport volumes on Mystic Isles
  • Several projectile weapons are unable to shoot through the Shield Drone
  • The “New” tag persists during customization even after equipping everything once
  • In the PVP Tile, Block Breakers, client side players may sometimes encounter replication issues with blocks that have been destroyed
  • Surge Ability Quick Fire setting does not persist when loading into a match
  • Rejoining a session too quickly may sometimes result in an error.
  • BattleMode score and countdown may sometimes not appear for the player.
  • The UI for the Hack values do not properly update to show diminishing returns when stacking multiples of the same hack.
  • Some projectiles may pass through enemies when they’re peeking out from behind cover.
  • Certain waypoints may sometimes not properly appear.
    • Waypoints automatically reappear after leaving the area and activating a new waypoint
  • Spectator mode may sometimes not show the name of the player being spectated.
  • Force feedback is not working for PS4 DualShock controllers on the PC.
  • Camera perspectives and menus are partially cut off when playing at an ultra-wide resolution and ratio.
  • Weapon skins sometimes will not appear for other players.
    • The issue no longer persists if the weapon is dropped and picked up again.
  • Certain UI elements may block parts of the menu.
  • Target lock-on icons may sometimes not appear for the Nano Assault Rifle and Pistol.
  • Players may sometimes load into Gilly’s with no head.
  • Lower graphics settings may result in improper lighting during gang cinematics.
  • Higher latency may result in issues with the enemies animations.
  • Player levels and ticket amounts may show the incorrect value on the UI for other players.
    • This is a purely a UI bug and does not reflect the actual value
  • Character customization may show the incorrect tint in the preview when scrolling up through the menu.
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