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Can we play as Robots?

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I spent an hour and forty seven minutes grinding enemys so I could get those Freeze Blast freezes to unlock Gig's outfit only to find its just cloths. 


Would it be possible to add the option to play a robot like Gig and Tera? Body 2 gives you a prosthetic leg. 


On a side note, Freeze Blast needs to be looked at. It takes a VERY long time to charge but has a very small AoE that sometimes dosnt even effect enemies. 


I could freeze maybe 4 enemies every 5 minutes with focused grinding, but the challenge required 100, that's a mammoth undertaking. 

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Ye it also took me almost 2 hours to get that quest done, except the game crashed after I got it and it didn't save it so I have to redo it...

The freeze blast takes forever to charge just to kill 1-5 normal or heavy enemies. Even with a train of like 10-20 enemies the hitbox is so weird or glitchy it misses more than half of them. Whereas the default fireball would kill them all and recharge itself completely after killing them. 

Compared to all the other side quests that you'd be able to complete casually in no time or just passively alongside a run, this single quest seems to be the worst. If they could change how many they needed to freeze with the ability or just have it freeze using any freezing method would be nice.

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