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How to submit a bug on the PC Bug Reports forum


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Welcome to the PC Bug Reports forum!

This section of the forum is here to provide you with a place to post bugs or issues that you may have found while playing Arcadegeddon. 

Before you submit a bug report, be sure to search for other posts that may be describing the same issue you are experiencing or head over the the Known Issues List

Every bit of information is helpful! We need to know how to reproduce the issue to fix it and your details are the best way for us to identify the problem. If any of the following questions are relevant to your issue, let us know in your bug report!

  • What are your PC specs? (Operating system, video card, CPU, RAM, etc)
  • What are your in-game video settings (Under “Video” and “Advanced” in the settings menu) 
  • We take screenshots for this too! (I certainly wouldn’t want to type it all out)


  • What were you doing when it happened? 
  • Did you have any active challenges? If so, which one?
  • Which map were you playing when the issue occured?  
  • Were you playing in a quickplay group, by yourself, or with a party?

Screenshots and videos are also extremely helpful and always welcome

The more information you have, the easier it is for us to solve the issue.
Thanks for your support!

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