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  1. Yes. We can call each other through discord and such, just fine. We both noticed that in some games with peer to peer connection (recently it was hellpoint) we cannot connect to each other. In some (grounded for example) we can play fine with no problems. We also play games more open world like games fine, like the Division 2, no man sky, and so on. But just the other day we had problems connecting in watch dogs 2 for coop.
  2. ahh. i get it now, but i have no such thing. my wire goes straight from pc, to router and then on the street. I have no firewall or antivirus except standart built-in windows 10 stuff. so it is definitely not antivirus, i also checked firewall for possible restrictions for this game, i double checked that game is allowed for connections by firewall. i also tried uninstalling, installing a game, changing language. this error still persist
  3. I will try and answer in the same order that you put your questions. -Yes, you are correct. Also we encounter the same problem when we use "Join" button, to each other's game. -Yes, my girlfriend can find other players when she searches for a match. Meanwhile i ending up starting my own lobby. -Loading screen lasts about 10 seconds or so, not long. -I did attached DXDiag with this post. -"How is your network setup?"-i don't really know, i am using a router. I am using wire internet connection. "Are you daisy chaining modems?"-I am sorry, i dont know what this means. -I guess it possible, how can i look it up? DxDiag.txt
  4. Yes we both play on pc, through EGS. We both live in Russia, but we live in different cities. I have tried to find other players by matchmaking, after a while i load in into level, but only by myself.
  5. Me and my girlfriend bought this game because of the multiplayer, but we could not join each other games, not once. After joining to each other games game, starts loading screen and after a few seconds it stops and shows "network error, connection timed out" and we could not play together. Please fix this.
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