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  1. i was thinking it could be like a Duels mode (or idk what it'd be called) but it could allow for 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 where each team runs the gauntlet as normal but they have to progress through quicker than the other team. there could be bonus points, penalties (spawning mobs for the other team for example), or things like that. it could allow for it's own leaderboard and rewards based on if you get further or accumulate more points than the other team.
  2. now that PS5 has VRR support, any chance for Arcadegeddon to patch it in the final product?
  3. i'd like some sort of implementation where ya'll could see what weapons are used more than others. that way there can be a greater tuning to the overall arsenal for players to use and find. like finding crates is excited, but what's not exciting is finding a tire pump weapon that i have no interest in. if there was a way ya'll could see what guns are used more than others, you could see what works and what doesn't.
  4. now i understand not all games can hit that 120fps mark, but this game currently runs at 60fps. currently a few games that run 120fps, off the top of my head, are Destiny 2 pvp crucible, Fortnite, and Rainbow 6 Siege. i now there's more but finding a list is irrelevant and although some games don't exactly, change super drastically from it, it does help. Like Destiny 2 120fps looks superior to Rainbow 6 120fps. so i know it's not always like, game changing. is this something potentially being looked at for ps5? i'm unsure what the pc version currently runs at
  5. is it better to go straight to the boss upon unlocking the option to break the door and use the portal or to continue on the adventure gaining loot/progressing through difficulties
  6. ya knowing if it's a rifle, sub machine gun, shotgun among other types would be useful. i've picked up what looked to be a rocket launcher but shot lazers. or grenade launcher type weapons that didn't count toward grenade launcher daily quests. i noticed the icon that signifies it'll lock on and shots home-in on the target, but unless you look at the gun, it's hard to tell. the main game hud has the guns in catagories, but they seem to be based on manufacturer rather than a class of weapon. not to bring up other games, but catagories like Apex has their weapons catagorized could help with this. and then a seperate description for what manufacturers could be handy. i notice the thermal type weapons don't need reloading but overheat, which seems to be the most contained/unique of the manufacture based weapons.
  7. is it possible for the arcade machines to have operational games? their own leaderboards/rewards/things to do outside the main game.
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