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  1. What are your PC specs? (Windows 10, GTX 1660 Super, I3-9100F, 16 GB RAM) What are your in-game video settings (All epic, Resolution scale 100 ) What were you doing when it happened? (While doing run and then randomly crash) Did you have any active challenges? If so, which one? ( yes SK'DADDLE the major threat PNX) Which map were you playing when the issue occured? ( Every map) Were you playing in a quickplay group, by yourself, or with a party? ( by my self and party both still crash) Sorry I didn't have any screenshot :(
  2. My game keeps crashing when doing runs. I tried restarting the game, redownload the game and restart my pc but none of the above seems to fix this problem. I tried to lower down the graphics and settings but the game still keeps crashing.
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