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  1. I got downed in a solo run and crawled to the portal to finish the mission and it put me into spectate for a bit and after a few minutes the game eventually went to the next mission Im reporting as much things as I can find to help this game since im having a ton of fun so far <3
  2. I was playing tile drop and hit the platform as I was defeated and this happened
  3. vorb

    he stuck

    I think he slid under there since I didnt see him fall under the map, ill try and recreate the scenario for myself to get stuck under there in a few different ways
  4. I was wondering if we would see more collabs with producers that released on nsd, disciple, cyclops records, indefinite, subsidia, halcyon, etc. This came to me since getter was on here and there was alot of riddim, freeform and melodic stuff, I hear a track chime also made if im correct in the glow crystal forest cave biome and the city had two tracks from the new getter ep.
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