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  1. I would love to see a wall run and a ledge grab mechanic.

    ESPECIALLY with the new sport game mode coming.


    a little bit of background

    Back in like 2016 i concepted a game mode for my favorite most played game ever: warframe

    essentially it was a mix between dodgeball, soccer, and quiddage (quiddich?)... the game needed a non-combat method of pvp since many players in warframe didnt think players killing players was lore appropriate. Not long after i created this concept, rocket league came out and then a year or two later Warframe introduced Lunaro. The game is basically soccer but you throw the ball instead of kick it.

    In my original concept, the game used the parkour mechanics (wall running and bullet jumping [basically a super jump] ) to traverse a multi level arena, where you throw balls at various sized goals to score points. The smaller the goal the more points its worth. You could peg opponents to cause them to drop their ball, returning it back to their team's ball spawn point. Once you score, the goal would change position.

    The game mode they introduced was more like rocket league, flat arenas, no parkour needed, but with a heavy focus on stunlocking your opponents with a dash maneuver or swatting the ball out of their hands over and over. Because of what was generally considered a poor implementation of a half baked concept, the game mode died shortly after launch and has remained a graveyard ever since. 

    A quick search of warframe lunaro on youtube will show you every thing you need to know about how NOT to design a game mode like this. 


    anyhow, back on topic:

    wall run is a great mechanic loved in many games. dying light, titanfall, warframe, prince of persia, assassins creed, ghost runner, mirrors edge, watchdogs.

    while this game may not be focused on wall running, i think it would enhance the gaming experience by allowing us for more freedom of choice regarding movement in the game. considering the maps are a bit on the smaller (width) side most time, it would in my opinion expand the traversable area a bit and make the game maps feel a bit bigger in some way.

    ledge grab would also improve the experience a bit.

    Im sure that these mechanics are not the most simple to implement but i feel like they would be massive improvements to the feel of the game, which i must say is already pretty nice.



    Whether or not we get any sort of parkour, please also consider multi-level arenas with moving platforms and/or moving goals (maybe using launch pads) for the Sport game mode coming.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for such a dope soundtrack.  


    ♥ PookieNumnums



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