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  1. But yeah I love the snipers in this game, especially the professional and the lighting one (power charge?) Even hip fire is pretty accurate.
  2. Ugh, ice weapons need a buff or something. I hate them to the point I actively avoid them. They do little damage and you have to either slide, roll or bash frozen enemies to kill them. I'd rather the freeze effect just slow down enemies than outright freezing them in place at the expense of damage.
  3. This, not everyone has access to the Ps5 thanks to either financial situation or scalpers. I would to play this with my wife, but I can't afford another Ps5, and even if I could, the situation with the scalpers hasn't improved.
  4. Fair points, I myself prefer playing solo unless I play with friends, but unfortunately I don't have any who also have a ps5 (is this game crossplay? I need to check) but tangent aside, how else would you be able to do PvP related quests without others? If you use bots that's not really PvP.
  5. Hey all, So just now I was playing a multiplayer session with a rando, and all was going smoothly. However, at some point in the 3rd stage my rando buddy got disconnected, specifically when he was about to cross into the mid section of the stage (where the shop and stuff is). This cause the game to not register all players are present in the mid section, therefore I cannot open the door to the next section of the stage. It was a decent run too, beat the first boss in stage 2 😕
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