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  1. it says im online in the epic social panel, which is great, but there are not any of my friends, not achievements, no any connection actually, i literally play it offline, cant find other players, matchmaking forever, something is messed up with the account connection into the game, says im online, but i play it offline, BTW when i play other games like rocket league, everything is fine, the panel shows my friends, achievements and multiplayer works, everything works, just in the acradegeddon game nothing works to me
  2. okay i went to %localappdata%\Arcade\ in my pc and removed everyrhing, after it worked ,the game started to begin from the absolute beginning, but thats all, it still wont find any online players and still shows no achievements available, fuck me, i dont know what to do now i dont. i tried everything. i will have to uninstall it and ask for refund, but i really wanted to play the game, it looked amazing
  3. can someone pls help me, i reinstalled epic games and nothing still the same i made a video, it says that i dont have any achievements available too, there should be some achievements right? here is the video, click on the link https://streamable.com/kn6mm5 VID_20210807_224842.mp4 VID_20210807_224842.mp4
  4. hello, i have problems, i had a pirated version of this game, i tried it, but only solo, couldnt play multiplayer, so i bought the game from epic store, and deleted all the pirated version files, and installed it officially, but there is a problem, when i launch the game, it didnt start from beginning like a new game, it loaded the lobby, straight like in the pirated version and i couldnt play multiplayer, so its the same just like it was in the pirated version, how can i remove cache from the pirated version and restart it somehow? thanks
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