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  1. I have to say this is the main issue I'm facing. Some challenges are neigh impossible without others. The game is advertised as singleplayer as well which would mean everything should be able to be done Solo.
  2. I just want to bust some knees man. To add to this maybe a title system were if you do certain tasks you can equip titles that appear after your name. As an idea for it maybe a "Buster Of Knees" title for hitting x amount elites knees with the bat.
  3. I would argue that it shouldnt one shot basic and bombs on body shots maybe it takes 3 hits for them to die however for crit shots its should instakill
  4. I feel like it should have piss poor body shot damage but insane crit shot damage instead of this kind of nerf. Make it weapon that requires high skill with big pay off. Would be cool.
  5. +1 it really feels like it should revert back to the original bat after getting used up. I'm also quite confused why the bat isn't the "Last resort" weapon instead of the pistol the game gives you. the fact that I can just discard the bat feels wrong.
  6. Any chance you get some more info on it. Quite curious because certain games use TAA to hide dithering of lighting effects and such.
  7. At the moment once you start sliding you are locked in. Would love if I could cancel a slide my running, jumping or dodging because it feels really restrictive at the moment. If this would be a feature it allows for much better movement chaining.
  8. Right now all the interaction require you to hold F which in my opinion would be way better if there was an option to make it a press instead of a Hold. The hold F feature feels like im using my keyboard like a controller. I rather have it be a press for faster and more fluid gameplay.
  9. The moment the game was actually running I noticed it and with no option to disable it or change to FXAA or other forms of AA I was very disappointed. The ghosting and blurriness of the TAA is very noticeable and makes the game look worse than it should. Would love if there was an option to change the AA like most games offer. I'm also quite curious why you guys choose to go with TAA? Was it just included with the Default Post Processing of UE and you didn't change much or was it a conscious decision?
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