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  1. Hey Courier! thanks for the reply. It’s saying upload failed. I was able to troubleshoot by deleting my save from the storage and closing the app. Once i relaunched & opened new gameplay it finally worked IMG_1007.MOV
  2. Hey Devs! First, thank you for the Early Access content. With the coming solo options, I was wondering if the team had the resources to ever consider local/couch co-op? There’s not a lot of games that explores that option anymore and with this game’s style/approach, it may result in even more sales in the future. I hope it’s a consideration even if it’s a ways off. Thank you again for your time!
  3. Hi! i just purchased the early access on PS5. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Just finished the initial create a look and at the “Look around using R” tutorial, it’s not progressing. I’ve mode the camera and looked aware and all I can do is jump in place. How can I get it going ? Any feedback is much appreciated.
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